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 Did you end up copping the legendary gettoasty ---> spacepope intarsia?
I'm not crazy about the denim there but everything else is fantastic.
 I've got this jacket too and agree that it's excellent.
 I want to buy this jacket so bad but even though the Rick I own is a 50 I'm like 95% sure it'll be too small, especially if it's thick leather.   Someone should definitely buy this tho.
I really want to see a pic of kgfan's closet.  He's got SO MUCH cool shit it boggles the mind.
 I'd go for a 43 in the CPs.
Could anyone who has the black stained effect jeans in a size 32 give me the thigh measurement?
Gaiac 10 by Le Labo today.  Probably my favorite from the line.  Even though the siliage is soft, longevity is great and just when I think it may have worn off, I'll catch a whiff.  The scent itself is great too, woody and musky with a twinge of sweetness.  Kinda reminds me of CDG Hinoki if you stripped away the turpentine notes and all the extraneous CDG weirdness.
 It's pretty nice.  It's super lightweight due to both the fabric and a very loose knit, so it wont keep you very warm but it was 60 today here and it was perfect.  Cool texture as to be expected with Schneider knits.  Fits pretty small though, I usually take a V and this is a VI and as you can see, it's still a fitted look.  I know you're a bigger dude than I am so if you were looking to get one, I'd imagine it would be VII or bust.
  Schneider Uniqlo Margiela CP
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