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3M midsole on those flyknits is sick.
Thinking about getting some ID'ed blazers, never actually owned or tried on a pair of blazers before though.  I'm an 11 in every nike shoe I've bought over the past few years, is there any reason why I wouldn't be an 11 for the blazers too?
The sole looks like molar teeth from the side.  The lunar sole was way better.
Could we get a dedicated list of legit Visvim reseller websites too?  Places like Concept Shop Online and Supreme Palace are what I'm thinking of, I know there's a few more but I cant think of them at the moment.
 I'm an 11 in Nike and a 44 in CP Achilles and my 44 CP Mountain Track Shoes fit perfectly.
 Never handled any of the Rickdidas stuff in person, that's disappointing to hear about the quality since geobaskets seem to be a very high quality shoe.  I do genuinely like the shape though, and I like how the all black version is visually interesting without having to resort to crazy colors or a completely ridiculous shape like the first gen Rickdidas.  I guess if a billion stores are gonna stock them, there's a reasonable chance I'll be able to snag a pair in 5...
  On the one hand, the price is a bit steep.    On the other hand, I think they're super cool looking and the price is in line with other baller sneakers.   There are tons of the first model Rickdidas on sale, so maybe if I hold out for a few months these will also drop in price.  But those are also ugly as sin and these are cool so I'd figure there's a better chance of them not lasting until sale time, at least in normal sizes.
Those infrared 6's are gonna be impossible to get, right?
  Alfred Sargent from NMWA.  Thanks for the great customer service Greg & Kyle!
 IIRC, fur was never offered on any TOJ jacket (except for Brad's Uncontrol Rider, but that's not really something that should be used as a comparison to any other jacket ever made by TOJ).  I believe that guy just got his own pelt and made that himself (I think it was fox fur) and sowed on some snaps to the jacket collar so it was removable.
New Posts  All Forums: