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  Ervell Thom Browne CP x Geller
Regis, what is that iPhone case?
Is that the literal temple of jawnz?
This.  Late to the party since my power has been out all day (thanks pepco) but that fit is amaaaaazing stitchy
Rick shearling intarisa is the fucking truth.  100% lined with cashmere pockets, probably the coolest piece of clothing I own.  So glad I was able to find my size on sale.    
 They're basically the same as the OG black white ones but the new ones have a black tongue instead of white.
Those Pierre Hardy's look like a cartoon drawing.   The Louboutins should be burned.
Where do you live that you can wear sandals on NYE?
I've tried on that Burberry peacoat and it's actually pretty nice (fits well) but no way in hell is it worth a grand.
  Coal Von Zipper Orage L1   Feels good to be home for the holidays
New Posts  All Forums: