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Yeah, those honestly don't look like they've ever been worn, certainly not outside on concrete.  Department stores are usually pretty lenient about their return policy, so if you just want to exchange for a smaller size I doubt you'll have a problem.
Kunk, what's your wingspan?  No wonder you love Rick jackets so much
Today it's Masculin Pluriel by Maison Francis Kurkdjian.  I'm really liking this one, big old school fougere, silage is great on me.  I'm not sure if it's better than a similar scent, Narcisso Rodriguez For Him but enjoyable nonetheless.
Today I sampled Maison Francis Kurkdjian Acqua Universalis.  A perfectly inoffensive stereotypical EdC type scent, maybe a little more floral and musky .  It's certainly pleasant enough but the longevity isn't great.
I have the shaving cream and to my nose that smells a lot like Hermes TdH.  Is the Windsor edt also very similar?
I've got a pair of distressed 3-straps that are black and the size tag is on the inside of the tongue that I'm sure are legit so I wouldn't worry about yours.  I know they made the distressed ones in a couple other colors too, I think one of them was blue but I can't really remember.
I really think @Synthese should buy these.  They look like the kind of shoes one would wear while driving their Tron motorcycle through space. http://*****************/listings/83923-maison-martin-margiela-speed-bike-sneaker
 Did you end up copping the legendary gettoasty ---> spacepope intarsia?
I'm not crazy about the denim there but everything else is fantastic.
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