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I wanna see more of that new racer colorway
Fit looks good
 Christ, they dropped at 4 and sold out in less than a minute.  Oh well.
Does anyone know what time the Federer Jordan's actually drop?  Stuff usually drops early in the morning but I haven't seen anything about these expect they're coming out today.
I don't know jack about Rick Owens sneakers, these are legit right? http://www.grailed.com/listings/18320-rick-owens-geobaskets-p-p-inluded
As a huge tennis fan/player and a former sneakerhead, I'd strongly consider getting those.  Vapor 9's are great shoes for playing in.
 I'm an 11 in Nike and a 44 in CP and MMM sneakers and I got the Jodhpurs in 43 and they fit perfect.
^^^ great pickup, I've got the same pair and they're the comfiest pair of boots I own
barrettdudley, those look great.  good pickup
New Posts  All Forums: