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I'm going to London for a week and would like to check out some Rick in person finally, does anyone have recommendations on the best stores to hit up to check it out?
If anyone happens across a pizi insulator vest at a good price, hit me up.  Just got a PFD and I guess the insulator vest can be buttoned into it to make it suitable for winter, which seems awesome.
Seeing all these pics of 2013 DR's makes me so excited for mine.  It's gonna be a while since I ordered in Feb but it's gonna be totally worth it.  Hopefully production will speed up now that the problems they were having are in the past.
I wanna see more of that new racer colorway
Fit looks good
 Christ, they dropped at 4 and sold out in less than a minute.  Oh well.
Does anyone know what time the Federer Jordan's actually drop?  Stuff usually drops early in the morning but I haven't seen anything about these expect they're coming out today.
As a huge tennis fan/player and a former sneakerhead, I'd strongly consider getting those.  Vapor 9's are great shoes for playing in.
New Posts  All Forums: