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Is that tie Drakes?  How do you like the construction, namely does it feel too flimsy?
Le Labo Tubereuse 40 today.
But can you get it with shearling + riri zips?
It's sad, there's so many outstanding orders that those two fine automobiles wouldn't even cover it.
67 Peter1 ($870) 68 Leopardus ($820) 69 Star_Mart ($1560) 70 Benfica ($780) 71 RBNMAN ($2500) 72 Azif ($380) 73 Phobicz ($780) 74 Lobuh ($380) 75 jmichael ($780) 76 lolhowdoes ($380) 77 schultjr ($1553) 78 Melbush ($855) 79 nawres ($380) 89 noirwest ($780)
 Agreed, between the huge amount of shipping and taxes they hit you with the savings aren't THAT amazing.  Certainly not Tres Bien sale levels.
I'll chip in $25 to see a fight go down. They can meet in front of Uniqlo.
 I'm not sure what season my jodphurs are, but they do fit a size large.  I'm a 11 in nike, 44 in CP and MMM and my jodphurs are a 43 and fit perfect.  42 should be good for you.
  Rick Costco JE SLP
Fit on 5-Zip looks spot on in that pic.  I'd keep.
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