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How do the still life trousers fit?  I've got Schneider stuff everywhere from a 4 to a 6 so it always makes me nervous to order stuff without having access to measurements
    This thing is the fucking truth.  The cut and fit and color in real life is so so good.
Price Drop!
 I dig those but they're definitely a little more bold than Raf velcros.  I generally find MMM shoes to have a more comfy sole than CP/raf/lanvin/whatever style sole tho, ymmv
Price drop
 I think 10.5 would be right for you
 What's the sizing like on that shirt?
I've got the velco highs in a 44 and they fit the same as the other margiela 44 sneakers I've got (gats, og high tops)
Any chance you guys will ever make a suede harrington?  Been lusting after a persian blue harrigton for years after seeing @cyc wid it post fit pics of his.
 They're good, mine have held up well so far.  I haven't worn them every day or anything and put them through the ringer but I'd say they're definitely a quality pair of shoes.  Suede boots like that look better after they're been beaten up a bit anyways.  The only potential issue down the line is that the sole is pretty thin.  I could see taking them to a cobbler and having a rubber sole protector put on.
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