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Feels good to play Yoox roulette and win, no alterations necessary except for length.  Margiela cotton/linen blend trousers to channel my inner Regis.  Should be great for summer.    
Can anyone advise as to how the Rick x Adidas tech runners fit?  I'm an 11 in Nike, 44 in CP and MMM, 10 in Y3 Qasa, etc.
You should know better by now with this thread.
Definitely the lux dunks.  I tried on some nike lab AF1's that were the higher quality and I was pretty impressed overall so I'd imagine the dunks will be pretty good as well.
^^^ Adidas x Chris Paul x State Farm       Do Balenciaga's fit the same as CP's?  Specifically interested in the high tops like the pleated ones, not arenas.
Ordered a camel memory.  So excited.  Gonna look great with SWD stuff but also over a suit on those cold days.
 Yep, sussi is correct.
Flyknit collection. Lucky to cop the trainers before there was any hype for them.  
  Ervell Thom Browne CP x Geller
Regis, what is that iPhone case?
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