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This asian gentleman looks baller as hell wearing a brown leather jacket, and he's got the ladies to prove it: http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=9315
 I feel the same way whenever some pretentious prick calls something edible "foodstuffs."
 I was torn between these two also, ended up choosing the DR.  Just think of all the fun you can have wearing your DR into SLP boutiques when it arrives.
 Cop multiple TOJ's.  That way when you get a tracking number, you won't know which jacket is actually coming. Best of both worlds
spope, that's a really cool looking fit.  A pity NN had to come in and just shut shit down with the first post haha
 I feel your pain.  I was *this* close to getting those SLP breds last night but I've got enough baller sneakers, plus I'd feel stupid if I copped those and missed out on a chance at a TOJ suede harrington.
  JEx2 MMM   Gonna be my standard for lounging around all spring
 Gotta love anything where the reviews have to warm you to disregard the horrible odor the product has.
persian blue harrington would be instakop.  lets make it happen guys
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