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  Rick Costco JE SLP
Fit on 5-Zip looks spot on in that pic.  I'd keep.
 It's intentional, there's a bunch of different colored pre-distressed velcros like that.
lol the hell? They're both classic sunglasses designs and they both look fine on you.  Just get the pair you like most and don't worry about it.   I feel that the fact you look vaguely like Justin Bieber is what is causing most of the ire here
Jackets that weren't full leather like the varsities or the MA-1s never got totes,
First sample of Tom Ford Lavender Palm today.  I'm loving the scent but I wish it was a little stronger.
How do you find the quality of CCP boots compared to other high end stuff like Guidi, Carpe Diem, MA+, etc?
Wow, you guys think the Lunars run small?  Mine (the 1's) fit roomier than the trainers or racers in the same size.
  Vince MMM SLP
Are you the guy who loved tassel loafers and thought he smelled like money?
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