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I think the jacket and pants are too much together. The jacket would be nice with black pans, and the pants would be good with a more conservative top. Could be worth it to buy it for that reason alone, and then I guess if you're feeling really wild you can do the whole thing.
 Is that the Formosa 3 piece navy chalkstripe? Looks tremendous.
 What size are those cuffs? They look great.  Just got my first formosa suit and I'm looking to find out what I should tell the tailor.
Just got this Formosa suit from NMWA and looking for some quick feedback on the sizing. It seems good to me, especially since it hasn't been in for tailoring or anything, but I wanted to double check that the shoulders aren't too big (or if there's anything else visibly off that a tailor wouldn't be able to take care of).   Thanks in advance!      
Does anyone know how this coat fits?   My only experience with SLP outerwear was a peacoat from last season that I ordered from Mr. Porter and had to return because the fit was boxy and shitty as hell.  Also, is it abnormally long for anyone who isn't 6"3 and wearing giant high heel boots like the model?
How do the still life trousers fit?  I've got Schneider stuff everywhere from a 4 to a 6 so it always makes me nervous to order stuff without having access to measurements
    This thing is the fucking truth.  The cut and fit and color in real life is so so good.
Price Drop!
 I dig those but they're definitely a little more bold than Raf velcros.  I generally find MMM shoes to have a more comfy sole than CP/raf/lanvin/whatever style sole tho, ymmv
Price drop
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