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I saw this on an episode last week, the one where they're at a wedding. Barney puts on his suit jacket and for a second or two you can catch a brief glimpse of his suit lining, which appeared to be zebra print.   Was I just seeing things? is this normal? where can I get such a suit!?
in on page 1000?
in on this
Go on..
This is called relaxing fluid, my stylist showed me it and I've been using it since. It gives a wet look at the beginning but as it dries it keeps the hair nice and smooth unlike gel which gets hair hard. Amazon $15      
Fuckin love this ad.
I'm pretty sure we have the same suit. Does it have a buttonhole on the lapel? Mine doesn't. Anyways, I have the same size suit as you, I'm 5'11 about 170 athletic body etc. I had my trousers shortened as well as a slight tuck in at the waist. If anything its kind of loose on me. I think you should be fine. Check with a tailor and post a pic for us.
I have an event that's come up this saturday and the suit I want to wear is one I bought before I started SF'ing, so naturally it doesn't fit as good as it should and I'd like that fixed.   However, I really dont think a tailor can do a full scale redo of the suit in three days, so what about just a quick shortening of the sleeves? Anyone reckon how long this would take?
Really? I was trying this suit on at Saks, and as I'm going to feel if the breast functional, it turns out it's stitched shut! I'd expect this from a Macy's suit or something much cheaper, but come on! What's the point of even sealing it off?
Damn, you're right. But those things are exactly what I had in mind for this thread. Completely random yet symbolic faces and logos etc.   Thank you!
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