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I just look a bit like a sack in it, it's a very boxy suit. But I guess it's probably the best way to go. Thanks.
I know the standard rule of thumb for what to wear to an interview is a conservative charcoal gray or navy blue suit, but what do you do if the one you have is old and ill fitting (got it when I was younger). I have a better fitting suit that I had tailored to fit me properly but it's in khaki. The position is just a low level management position, nothing fancy. So older ill fitting suit because it's gray, or better fitting suit even if its khaki? Thanks. Just as a side...
What do people know about the Company Aubin & Wills. I'm thinking about buying one of their coats on Mr. Porter, but I don't really know too much about the company. Do they make good quality products ect.?   Here is a link to the coat:
I know I'm crazy to even post this knowing how popular these boots were, but what the hell. Looking to buy a pair of the Wings + Horns Dayton X collaboration boot in a size US 8 (or equivalent). Or a similar style boot. (examples: any Paul Smith combat style boot or the Blanc & Noir officer boot.) Willing to go up to $400, but I would prefer not to spend that much.
True, thought I would try to ask here though first in case someone had a horror story about them, lol.  
Is there anyone here from the Philadelphia area who knows anything about Ernesto Custom Tailors? I want to start saving for a suit or sport coat, and their prices are decent enough that I won't have to save for an extremely long time. (Not really rolling in the dough atm, probably because I picked photography as a career. ) And I would rather not go out of the city/state if I don't have to.   If anyone has done any business with them, I'm just curious what your...
Thank you for your response. It was very helpful. I had previously looked around online and was getting mixed answers about narrowing pants.   Does anyone happen to know a good tailor in the Philadelphia/King of Prussia area? I have found a few places on Yelp, ect. But, many of them had mixed reviews.
  I recently bought the Irish Linen J.Crew Ludlow (supposedly Slimmer Fitting) suit in British Khaki. I bought the jacket first as it was on sale and in my size when I first went into the store. Unfortunately for me they didn't have the pants in my size. I was going to buy the pair of matching pants online but was unsure about inseam size. So I return to the store just to get a feel of inseam length on their pants. They still didn't have the pants in my size but I...
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