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I found some older posts about this company, but wondered if anyone has any recent experience. I am curious about where folks see these shoes in relationship to Allen Edmunds and Alden in the US or Edward Green, Crocket & Jones or Gaziano & Girling. I am thinking of buying their double monk and just wondered what some knowledgeable shoe guys on this forum think of their quality. Any feedback would be helpful.
I am sorry to say the suit did not work.  When the suit arrived the first time, the jacket was way too tight around the chest and in the arms.  I had given the rep several jackets that I had made so that she could have the measurement of something that did fit me.  When the suit arrived after the remake, it was still tight, but more importantly, the repairs were horrible.  The arms looked like they had giant pads and the stitching was amateurish. The front of the suit, the...
I own two 12 ply cashmere sweaters: one, is from www.customshirt1.com, the company owned by Alexander Kabazz referenced earlier in this post, the other is an older Dunmore St. George that I bought on eBay. My Scot and Charters from Kabazz is my favorite piece of clothing by far. It is the softest thing you can imagine and fits like a glove. I bought one originally as a gift for my wife and just fell in love with it. I wear it every day in the winter on our back...
I met with a local rep a few weeks ago to look into an outerwear vest. I didn't get the vest but ended up ordering a cashmere sweater, a shirt and a suit. The shirt and sweater came today and so far, I am impressed. The sweater, for $200 was is super soft and they claim baby cashmere. I don't know if it is, but it is all I could ask for at the price and is every bit the quality of far more expensive sweaters. I own a few Loro Piana and it may not be that quality, but at...
are these still around
The color of the leather is much richer than the pictures and I was thrilled when they arrived.  The soles are fine, a bit worn, but they will last a long time and can be re-soled if need be.  I am a happy camper with this purchase but can't disclose the price because the sale was made outside of eBay.  I did very well and the seller made a safe sale.  Everybody goes home happy.
I just bought my first pair of Gaziano & Girling's, 11F on eBay. I doubt they will be the "last." (Get it?)   "
Hello Everyone.  I am traveling to London in July to visit my son.  We share this fascination with good shoes and he covets anything by Edward Green.  As an American with big feet, I am an Alden fan, but we were thinking of taking a trip to Northampton with the hopes of taking a factory tour somewhere and also doing some outlet shoe shopping.  I have read the various threads her and in AskAndyForums but don't see much of recent vintage.   So, is there anyone with...
Get a deer bone and rub it around the scratch.  You can buy them from the Hanger Project.
Wearing my brand new Alden Captoe Shell Color 8 with commando soles for the snow today.  Honestly, my right foot is killing me where the new leather is rubbing against my ankle bone, but I assume time will heal everything.   Thanks to Cathy at Alden DC for once again sending me two pairs for size comparison.  Loved the cigar shell more, but the 11.5E just fits better. I have four other Aldens in cigar, so one color 8 seemed the way to go.      
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