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anyone got any pics of the new ann demeulemeester sneakers? looks like this season they are finally doing all leather versions as opposed to suede or nubuck.
I have the high neck in 3 different leathers, kangaroo, bison and horse(cors)...    The cors one at first is very stiff but softens up quite quickly but always remains quite rigid. Bison is always soft and very thick, has some grain visible. Kangaroo is like paper, thin and crispy.    Selling the bison one atm.
Ann Demeulemeester nubuck sneakers size 44.5 / uk10.5 / US11.5, Brand New in box. Perfect fit for a size 45. Purchased from LN-CC, Fully boxed with shoe bag etc..£220  exc ship / fees   more images here http://imageupper.com/g/?S030001004O13834264761491106
Carol Christian Poell Bison High Neck Leather Jacket, LM2599 - BIAS PTC / 10. Black, size 50. From latest collection. I'm a 52 and this is just a bit small for me, though I would say it's on the big side for a size 50, also, this style of leather jacket is quite long in the body and arms. Bison leather is very thick but very soft and grainy, not like Horse(smooth and stiff). Pictures were taken in the sunshine so the jacket appears shinier than it is in some pics....
  The toe box on annd's is really snug imo, I went up .5 from my CP size.
Never known new season rick leathers by so inexpensive. Some of the new ones this season are retailing under £1000, the suede ones seem pretty cheap as well.   offsets against the price of the shearlings. 
What size are you guys wearing in current Ann D sneakers compared to your Rick sneaker size, or lanvin or common projects, or converse size?   I have some from an older season in 44 and they're a bit snug, I'm usually 45 in ro, 44 in lanvin and 44 in cp and am going to order some new ones.
Was there a reason why rick ditched the old dunk design in favour of the Geobaskets? Aside from the change in sole unit, the old ones are far nicer looking, geobasket's are a constant constant now and seems like they never get changed or tweaked, as if they are perfect. 
  what are you talking about? the fastening is concealed except when worn open, see jackets by CCP, Incarnation etc etc... all use zip fastening on the same style of jacket. 
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