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Brand New A1923 english cotton coat. Purchased from Hide. Bit small for me. Brand new. £750 delivered. I'm in the UK. Fast shipping to EU and USA.
Aren't the pairs on hide-m different from the ones on vertices in that the hide ones both have strutted toe, the ones on vertices don't. 
Here's mine, I dunno, they just seem a lot chunkier, and not half as pointy.    
'lol' i don't know. I was simply commenting in response to someone saying it was 'slimmer'
That rick owens was not slim, I had it and it was super padded, too bulky.
My Tornado's aren't like that. I have 2009 tornado's and 2010 U-sole's, even the U-sole's are totally different, the sole is much thicker at the front and it just adds a totally different vibe to the boot.    I know the 2009's have a different model code and the differences are subtle but there's definitely a difference. 
I was looking at the current CCP tornado's on pnp, I dunno what they have done to them but they're just not as nice shape wise as they used to be. Wide shaft, very pointy, thin sole, they're almost too feminine. I'd go a1923 unless you find an older pair of CCP or get U-soles.        
The toe shape on yours look fine to me, the pics on pnp look perfect too. I think these are a nicer boot than the current 2010 CCP tornado, purely on the shape. CCP seems to have got pointier over time. My 09 tornado's aren't so pointy. 
Looks wise, they're the best boots I've seen from him. The thick rounded sole makes them.   Why they've got YKK zippers is odd considering other boots from him this season don't have them. I also find it weird he makes an almost identical version with structured toe. All in all I find the whole brand odd, there's no cohesion between the styles of footwear he makes. For example, you know a layer-0 boot when you see one, as you do with guidi and ma+, but you don't with...
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