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A green tie and blue suit, now that's something you rarely see. But somehow it works.
  The clothes don't really fit the models. It's not tailored enough for their bodies.
Pretty good choices but you may want to just keep your first bespoke suit for interviews/work simple like a solid 2-piece suit.
A regular tie is fine..if you're note comfortable wearing a bow tie then don't
A light colored coat in an all-black or dark ensemble really ups the ante when it comes to style
Maybe we can blame it on office rules that support a business casual wardrobe> Americans used to love wearing suits and you're usually frowned upon wearing jeans and blazers in the office. Now its everywhere!
^ He does makes sense. I fyou're planning to lose a few pounds it's best to hold off in completely changing your wardrobe unless you've maintained an ideal weight, then you can plan on going for mtm or bespoke tailoring.
The navy suit is a nice choice given that it's not your wedding but good friends of yours, a patterned tie, striped one would be a subtle addition to your suit. You never want to look overdressed than the the groom.
Casino Royale featured a more casual look for Bond thus makin g the outfits more accessible to your average joe.
It screams un-American..more like French army.
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