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Right now - Harvey Specter definitely.
I tried a few Zara suits before in their store but really didn't like the way it looks on me but I do like their coats.
  I'm bothered with the huge lapels and the padding on the jacket, and as you've mentioned the long sleeves.
So frock coats would be categorized as vintage then?
I feel like the sleeves are a bit short and a good press should do the trick.
I've always adhered to a natural shoulder with my suits as it is more comfortable and easy to wear. I don't look too stiff in them and when you tall with broad shoulders it just fits better to follow the natural line.
I can say my go-to suit would be my navy RLBL
never dealt with them but i wonder from those that have if they offered any special packages or discounts with suits and shirts..
I think it's all about finding the right balance with your clothes, you can wear a grey suit for fall and match it with a bright or lighter colored tie as an example.
A green tie and blue suit, now that's something you rarely see. But somehow it works.
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