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Hmm..sounds enticing..any one else purchased Luxire? Do they have slim fitting shirts?
I bought a couple of slim fitting shirts from Kent Wang and I have to say fits me to a T.
It was exposed to too much heat so when they pressed it the fabric clung to it - that or it was less than stellar fabric used.
What is the price range of a Kiton sport coat? Do they use 100% cashmere?
The greatest brand would have to be the one still operating after some years - but also still very profitable, highly recommended and well-regarded t in the modern era.
French cuffs shirt with spread collars is meant to be worn by itself and that what makes it stylish.
The jacket is too long for you I'm afraid, but the length can easily be altered with a good tailor.
The sport jacket and the suit jacket are essentials every man should have in my opinion. They each serve a different purpose so it's best to have them both for various occasions.
My everyday suits are for work, but for strolling around I like my sports coat or just a nice clean white or navy shirt and jeans.
For men, the design, print, and color should be subtle so it wouldn't look flamboyant. I think it's best worn with jeans or khakis.
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