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I agree with keeping more brown shoes (and its variation) that just plain blacks. You can pair browns with grey trousers, or navy suits.
that's a nice looking suit - who's your tailor?
My bespoke suits are mostly in navy..and a fairly amount of charcoal grey.
    The suit seems fine except maybe the pleats on the pants and yes as one of the members mentioned, a nice press would be good.
I agree with patterned shirts to break up the monotony of wearing only solid shirts.
I would still suggest a different color like navy or grey so you can pair them better with your shirts anytime. Black pants I think I only wore when I had a funeral to attend to.
spread collar 2 - it balances the look of the collar/tie/vest.
There's a bit of dimpling at the shoulders, for me it does look a bit snug but the suit looks good.
Good luck on the MBA interview! And I wouldn't worry too much about what I'm  wearing, unless as AlexE mentioned, the interviewer is a member of SF.   The interview will show how you present yourself through your manners and sensible replies to their prepared questions. So better brace yourself in uthat aspect more than the suit you're wearing.
  Nice choice of color for a wedding and you can practically wear any colored/slightly patterned tie with it. I suggest something with a tinge of red or blue lavender.
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