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Interesting read, but yes I should always be a grey flannel.
A Zegna suit can easily fetch for 3K however it will depend on the fabric I believe such as a solid navy suit for less than that.
When take a photo like that the pinstripe just looks immaculate, but in a conservative environment/office I rarely see anyone wear the pinstripe anymore. But of course a moderate lapels would be best to even out the proportion.
As with most online mtm, you have to book an appointment first, you can't shop online yet in their site.
  Yes, slim lapels..slim fitting often look better on tall lanky body types and not for everyone. I'd usually go for a slightly slim or perhaps tapered tailored suit jacket and straight cut trousers.
Wow I remember my mother used to do this back in the day. It does tend to make the shirts look more pressed longer.. particularly for cotton dress shirts.
I love wearing them with a blazer and jeans. It's simple and easy to wear. Like I said, just put on a blazer and you're all set to go.
Agreed. The right length simply balances your look.
The color of the dinner jacket should be the same as your trousers
If you happen to be a beefy 6 feet tall guy, wearing a slim fit suit just makes you look silly. The point is, wear a suit that fits your body type and not get all caught up with the trends. Slim fit suits are not for everyone.
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