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Hello guys,   I need some advice on what type of shoe trees I need for my Loake Pimlicos UK 8F. I'm considering just purchasing the woodlore epics; even so, I'm not so sure about which size I should buy. 
I know for my item order there was a delay because of the Lunar New Year. My item had to go through Hong Kong from Italy in order to reach its final destination which is in Singapore.
sorry for double post
Hello everyone and Happy Holidays,   Can anyone recommend me Ebay stores that sell authentic Ralph Lauren items, in particular some from the Polo and RRL lines? 
I have recently received an L size from the Tokyo fit of the Vintage Ivy shirt and boy the craftsmanship is amazing. However the fit is very snug. I'm wondering, is it better to size up by trying XL from the Tokyo fit or try out the L from the NY fit?
How is the medium in the Vintage Ivy collection for someone who has 16" collar, 19" shoulders and 43.5" chest and a 36.5 waist?
How often do they restock their Vintage Ivy Shirts online? I'm planning to buy a Large chambray, which is out of stock :(
More like how much can you deadlift
The pair is brand new and I have never worn it. The creases were present upon purchase, probably formed due to improper storage by the retailer. Will the creases disappear after a wash? They are sanforized denim so shrinkage is not expected. However how do I maintain the indigo in the denim?
I recently just bought a pair of raw denims that were ridiculously creased. I have tried to remove the creases by ironing. However the creases are stubborn; I've ironed then (inside out) for the 3rd time but to no avail. I don't know what to do now. Any ideas?
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