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Wow thanks for the help.. I think I'm going to look into suit supply for my future suits... 
  Also I am trying to choose a different store that is why I started this thread..... But i'm still looking for a modern style. The reason I like express is because of their fit. I mostly buy their button down shirts. They have a great fit that is to my liking. Although, I am looking for an upgrade.. lol 
Thanks for the help!
I see nothing wrong with Express... Im in my mid 20's so I'm still in that young age style. I'd understand someone older shopping with them. 
Hey. Thanks for the help! Ya, I will just wait for when they are having a big sale. I do really like the selection they have... Old school style. Very upscale. Very Southern. Which I am a big fan of.    Also though I am looking for a style that compares to Express... New age.. Trendy... Modern. But more upscale than them. Any ideas?
  Do they have somewhere online I could buy from their Outlet? I do not live any where near one.    Also I've shopped at BB before and I love their store.... Still looking for something more modern and trendy like express but more upscale..    Anyone else have other ideas. 
I actually like to shop at express because they sell fitted clothing that I prefer. They also have already fitted blazers and pants that I don't have to worry about taking somewhere to get fitted.    So what I was wondering is where else can I get clothing like this. I know people make a big joke out of express and even though I do like them I was wondering where I could go that could be a little more.. expensive and worthy to buy a suit. I'm not looking to spend...
First off new to this site.    I really had a question that I need help because I just can't decide on my own.    I am 23 years old 6'1 185 pounds and wear a 33 for waist. I look to wear more modern style suits and blazers (fit wise).    I bought a 40R blazer and the chest fits perfect. The shoulders are perfect. The sleeves are perfect. It's just the waist is half way to 3/4 the way down my butt. If I wear it and I have a long sleeve under shirt on it must...
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