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for latest listings: http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/158001-new-additions-mostly-bnwt-acne-apc-thom-browne-cdg-kitsune/   1. thom browne sweatshirt with the grosgain tab on the back. cond 9.5/10. it was a size 3 but it was professionally altered to a size 1. which became too tight for me. my loss is your gain. 180usd shipped worldwide   chest: 18 inches across length of sleeves: 20 inches total length: 30 inches   2. maison kitsune chinos. brand new...
Indeed, just got back, rained everyday, and markups were insane...
Curious, what shop is it?
Does nordstrom tend to have BF codes?
Kapok - free shipping + 30% off starting 28/11 Hypebeast - 30% off starting 27/11
Couldn't get a reply on the adidas thread so, anyone has any idea how does he stan smith fit compared to Flyknit trainers or the free run?
How does the Stan smiths fit compared to the nike flyknit trainers, free run or chuck taylors?
 anyone bought from them? tried emailing them to see what sizes are left but they never ever reply their facebook messages nor emails... going to the nikelab in HK next weekend...hope there'll be good picks...
Hypebeast 20% off. FALL20
Bomber sold
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