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Are mrporter measurements accurate?
wtaps:   2 pieces for sale. both are brand new with tags.   the white is a size 2(m), blue piece is a size 1(s).    looking at 75usd each. if you're getting both -5usd each.   nike:   have 2 pairs for sale. a us 8.5 and 11. both are brand new in box. hunted high and low for them in japan recently. have offers of about 250usd for each now.
Anyone familiar with this brand called Closed? Looking at their sneakers on ssense
Thanks guys. Will check those out. Anyone been to Horizon Plaza of late?
Anyone knows how much is shipping to the UK? And if there's VAT? 
how cheap do the DBs go on sale usually?
Will try Margaret's this time for sure! Only tried Lord Stow's on my previous trip. A Lorcha was really good, remembered they had really good prawns and clams. Any tips or must-go for HK?   Cheers :)
^ anyone?
Hi, are there any shops/malls worth checking out in Macau? Will be going to the I.T outlet at silvercord and horizon plaza in hk probably. Anything I've missed?
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