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looking for a proxy for the chore jacket/bomber in a Small. mason courier bag, or tshirts in a Small please. would compensate of course.
http://www.revolveclothing.com/our-legacy-runner-1-in-navy-silver/dp/OURL-MZ6/?aliasURL=our-legacy-runner-1-in-navy-silver/dp/OURL-MZ6&product=OURL-MZ6&hasCTL=false have this pair ^ the runner 1. EU 44. pretty much brand new, too tight for me. looking at 170usd shipped. will ship with the box. shipping from singapore
I have an our legacy runner in an 11 for sale. Hit me up if interested. Worn once.
acne gone, CPs left
will any other sites stock the lunar 3 besides nike.com?
umpppppppppp will throw in shipping for free 
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