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When do Mrporter do their big sale?
Achilles High 1704 white EU45 BNIB for $250
Anyone have any experience using other brands insoles for your CPs? If so, what brand? For the achilles.
Anyone knows if its possible to get a pair of CP insoles? Or if not, what other brands have a similar fit?
off topic but anyone has any insoles to recommend for a pair of CP? i imagine it'll be hard to find a pair that fits perfectly in terms of sizing
is there any way at all i can buy the CPs insoles to replace my current one?
Anyone going to the Apolis or Norse Project clearance and willing to proxy for a fee, PM please.
Cheapest/affordable jacket for the winter?
Recommendations on where to shop in London? Will probably hit DSM, oi polloi around the oxford station region? for my latest listings!   nego
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