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   Thank you, I'm just learning   Camera Canon 5D + lens Canon 35mm 1,4 "L" series. Also sometimes used lens Canon 24mm 1,4 "L" series and lens Canon 70-200 mm IS 2,8 "L" series.   When photos do not myself, and my friend, it uses Canon 5D + lens Canon 50mm 1,4.
Damn! I would like to put some "fingers up" to today's posters, but my limit is exhausted ... You can ask the administration of the forum - remove this restriction?   Please - do it! This is not very convenient!
   Cool foto!  
   Very nice!  
  This cashmere sweater from Lora Piana    
Suburbs of Moscow - is a "small rural England"                                      
Again, day warm jumpers                                          
I continue to wrap the neck in a warm jersey. "University Day"                      
On the bare floor is very convenient to live and sleep, I am quite satisfied      
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