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who makes the cargos?
Selling this as it's getting too small for me. This high snobiety article describes the jacket a lot better than I do (http://www.highsnobiety.com/2012/10/03/isaora-tech-3l-splatter-riding-shell/#slide-1). Incredibly rare, only 60 were produced in total, retail was 650$. Has seen a fair bit of use, all the hems are slightly discolored, but it's only really noticeable if you explicitly look for it. Right pocket's zipper is broken, fixed it with some glue and it's still...
Is there actually any european store that carries the interesting portion of EG articles? I love a lot of their stuff but I feel like we only get the extremely boring color/pattern/fabric choices over here.
^ m.a+ I guess? I'd prefer black or grey (maybe even reverse?) as well. Red would make you ooze some serious Ronald McDonald swagger though, tough call.
Selling these as they're getting too tight for me. The texture and quality of craftsmanship on these puts most other artisanal designers to shame. Outer is 77% Paper and 23% cotton, partial lining is 100% cotton. The paper/cotton fabric has a really nice feeling to it, like a heavy canvas and completely unlike paper. Marked size 3, equals a EU48. Dark navy color (best represented by the first two pictures), 9/10 condition, worn a couple of times but no signs of wear....
Awesome pants by the japanese studio Rip Van Winkle. Bought these from yahoo.jp but their measurements were completely off. Great construction and texture, somewhat of a Helmut Lang x LUC crossover. They're tagged a size 3 but I'd say they're best for a 44 or 46. They were marked as 'mint condition' and I'm pretty sure that the fraying on the seems is pre-distressed as the pants feel new otherwise. Waist 15" Inseam 31" 80$ shipped worldwide.
Bought this a while ago from someone else, wore it once since then. 9/10 condition, looks infinitely better when worn. Tagged a size 50 and fits true to size, more of a blue-gray/steel gray instead of the gray you see in the picture. Shoulders 18.5" Chest 21" Length from bottom of the collar 32" 100$ shipped worldwide
Found this in my closet behind a bunch of stuff the other day (hence the wrinkles). Completely unworn, bought from yoox about half a year ago for 200$. Has an awesome, very subtle honeycomb pattern which you only see in direct sunlight. Tagged size 48, fits true to size. Shoulders 18" Chest 19" Length from bottom of the collar 31" 100$ shipped worldwide
^ it's just the leather on the straps reminding me of fake rick sneakers. Also the previous season's model looked infinitely better imo [[SPOILER]]
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