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http://www.darklandsberlin.com/site/product/mens/individual-sentiments-sling-bagHave some pictures, although I feel that it would look a lot better with a less lanky frame.
^This is the best bag you'll ever own, especially at 50% off retail
Size 44 / UK10, from S/S 12, completely new and unworn condition, come with original box and dustbags. Suede outer, leather lining. Retail was around 650$, very hard to come by in this condition. Asking for 280$ shipped worldwide.
Na man, it's just the Yohji shoes outside of the Yohji aesthetic. I think if you unrolled the pants and pushed/rolled up your sleeves you'd rock the hell out of that pigsty.
Ronald McDonald really let himself go.
From around a year ago if I remember correctly, barely worn as you can tell from the pictures. 9.5/10 condition, sole is almost pristine, they do run one size large though. Retail was around 750$. Asking for 400$ 335$ shipped worldwide.
Everything's just on point. Cut, material and construction are all superb. Also the last time I checked with Holger a pair runs you 400-550€ depending on material and alterations, which is significantly less than BBS and LUC (it's also where I'd draw the line to completely absurd and inflated prizes).
^^spot blown, have these been redyed btw?
Using the same insoles, pretty happy with them. They lasted me about 3 years now and still got some life left in them.
Looks like Raf x abunchofhobos SS15 to me
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