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Bought these a while ago from Tres Bien, wore them literally once an decided they're a tad too big for me. They are in next to new condition (walked for about an hour), come with the original box, replacement laces and bag. They're suited best for a true size EU 44, imo. Shipping within the EU is free, anywhere else please contact me before making the purchase.
just get yourself one of these bad boys: http://www.savagestrength.co.uk/leisurelines-olympic-performance-power-rack-lifting-platform.html
Awesome, thanks a lot, probably gonna buy that if price doesn't skyrocket. Always feel like I'm doing something wrong when searching y!jp (I'm using the japanese terms from that SZ thread).
Aw man, that thing gave me blue balls last year and now it strikes again. Why can't it be a 50?
Bought them off rakuten but I can't seem to make them work. Completely new and unused. Good for a 48 or 50. waist 17" thigh 11" raise 13" inseam 29" hem 8" Shipping to Europe is 10$, US and rest of the world 20$
Awesome pants by Zam, overdyed grey. Bought them on here, like new condition, hemmed slightly to get rid of the excessive stacking. For reference I'm 6'1 and they still stack moderately. Thought these would fit me seeing as all my other ZamB pants are also a 48, turns out they are more of a 46 so I'm letting them go. Shipping to Europe is 10$, US and rest of the world 20$
Amazing wool sweater by Comme Des Garcons Shirt. Features unfinished hems all around, great knit pattern, very light and cozy. Great condition, no rips, holes stains or anything of that kind. Shoulders: 43cm Pit to pit: 53cm Arm length from shoulder seam: 63cm Total length (back): 65cm For reference I'm 6'1 and it's a bit too short for my liking. Shipping to Europe is 10$, US and rest of the world 20$.
Tbh I've never seen a fit featuring a Geller zipper blazer without sneakers
That n(n) knit from yahoo.jp?
From my experience Schneider isn't really cut out for fit and above people. I feel like the only viable thing for guys approaching an oly- or powerfiter physique (huge traps, quads and core) is techwear, although Zam has been working out pretty well for me lately (mind you, I'm probably 10lbs lighter). Also some less shiny shoes, maybe something reverse, would really improve Bene's fits imo. Edit: ^^ yeah, that works wonders too.
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