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Tbh I've never seen a fit featuring a Geller zipper blazer without sneakers
That n(n) knit from yahoo.jp?
From my experience Schneider isn't really cut out for fit and above people. I feel like the only viable thing for guys approaching an oly- or powerfiter physique (huge traps, quads and core) is techwear, although Zam has been working out pretty well for me lately (mind you, I'm probably 10lbs lighter). Also some less shiny shoes, maybe something reverse, would really improve Bene's fits imo. Edit: ^^ yeah, that works wonders too.
You can check http://endyma.com/collections/helmut-lang for a quick (but relatively pricey) fix, otherwise it's just lurking everywhere from ebay to y!jp I guess.
God no. Anns usually run large as fuck. I'm a 44/45 in CP and wear 43 in Ann D, might even consider a 42 in some.
Are you talking about the website itself or the descriptions? For the website language you can just exchange .de/.fr with .com and it should display the US site.
^^ I for one welcome the techwear bandwagon. Been snowboarding in ugly gear for way too long. My problem is that half the brands that charge 500€+ for a jacket aren't even on the same level as a 100€ jacket by almost any sport brand. No idea about the quality of BBS 11, acronym was pretty solid the last time I checked. Was considering arc'teryx as well but I don't really like their super minimalistic shtick. I just want something that keeps me dry and endures ~4 weeks of...
Acronym BBS11 They cost roughly the same.
^^ would probably kop 5 of those IS coats if they had 'em in my size, that is definitely something I'd want a lifetime supply of.
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