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The Persian Lamb Ambassador have ear flaps one can fold down...if one does that I believe onw would look really ridiculus though.
I agree in priciple, perhaps. But I have this strange fascination for the Persian lamb one...
Difficult decision...
Answer to "uhurit": I found a pic from the movie Gorky Park where Lee Marvin has a mink one. Still undecisive. The lamb one is very politburo or Afgan Leader kind of. And very out there...Lee Marvin is really cool and I now see that he pulls it off...I am not.
There are few really cool choices out there for warmth. As far as I see the only choice is an Ambassador Hat. I am a big fan of the persian lambs wool (very special lambs wool actually).   The not so obvious choice is the mink version of the same hat. I don't know what to think. I have some kind of vague memory of Lee Marvin sporting one of these in a movie but alarm bells ring. I am no big fan...   What do you guys out there say? Persian lamb or mink?
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