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3,5 m for a 2-piece suit in 45 wide fabric ... again less necessary in 60 wide   1,5 m for trousers in 45 wide fabric ... less material is needed in 60 wide fabric
Well, since we're from SF -- we like to relax the rules. Seeing you're in DC, you can play the "from outside the beltway" card if you want ;)   Comfort exudes confidence, and trumps crankiness especially during hours outside the office.
If you already have a solid navy or beige, why not add variation with a beige-colored checked pattern? IDK about pocket square, which seems to add formality to a sport casual look.
Bellows pockets for a more casual look... safari nostalgia, perhaps.
As you said, you're ordering 5. Beside your choice of the traditional and risk-adverse navy and gray (charcoal), we advise dark grey herringbone classic stripes revenge in grey  wool / cashmere revenge is a nice wildcard    You may want to invest in some slightly flamboyant accessories since you're obligated to wear such conservative-colored suits.  Enjoy!
Don't under-estimate inter-personal relationships and quality control in countries you're targeting to manufacture your shirts. From our experience, invest in at least one shareholder travelling to meet with factory owners / management. You really want to establish a comfortable level of trust as well as your expectations (and consequences for failing to meet those standards). Being on the ground helps you to think through logistics as well. No operations work as smoothly...
Recently we've been following The Dark Knot on twitter. We're there are other online tie purveyors... but we like some of the content we've seen and read. Let us know you opinion of them.
A good clothing brush ought to do the trick... steaming if part 1 doesn't is completely successful.
First faux pas: Don't store in an airtight bag. You'll find unpleasant surprises like mold or moths. If you’re using a suit bag, leaving the zip open a bit to let air in and out.    Always keep your suits hung upright on a suit hanger. We advise cedar wood hangers. They repel moths and absorb moisture. They don't stretch out your suit. Dried lavender leaves sealed in pouches and kept in pockets also repel moths. Regularly cleaning and vacuuming your closet is the best...
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