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Its normal and has nothing to do with your "size." No jeans can last more than 3 years without blowouts or in need of repairs if worn often. Did you expect them to last forever?   Usually this occurs from sagging the jeans and friction that occurs in that area.If you're not constantly repairing your jeans, you're not wearing them right!
Works for me but only on a couple of items. The majority of my dreambox won't accept that code.
And some japan made indigo cloths
Marshalls has a few bags for $150
Anyone notice Yoox charging sales tax twice? I ordered once on the 6th and today and both orders have sales tax added twice and the totals are wrong.   This never happened to me before.   Subtotal: $ 124.00 Delivery Method: Standard $ 0 (Delivery in 5-8 business days) Payment Method: Credit...
Nice.   Is that last one of you and Lord Nick?
I don't see any pics. It just says "displaying..." Anyone else have this problem?
You could always add all the quantities to cart in every size for reference. Clearly RL wants to look like ebay or amazon and generate hysteria by letting everyone know last one in stock!!
Those are Sandstorm. Stores dont sell them anymore. Buy those and hem them.
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