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Well for one I don't drink or do drugs. Amazing what that can do for one's memory! You'd also have to be pretty intelligent/detail oriented to run 3 successful businesses. Can you go back to blocking my posts now?
Hows that $700 Posadas vest you claim to have bought and were going to trash with your modifications?  Let me guess your maid sent it somewhere.
RRL more about the fit, details, build quality and ... buttons. Jcrew and Old Navy make many ill fitting, cheaply made calico printed workshirts these days.
If you select economy Fedex will just hold your package for days before putting it on the truck. That is how these things work.
Yes the Kato shirt, Chimala brand and $225 Jap selvedge jeans were awesome. Too bad Jcrew has nothing to do with them. What does that have to do with the rest of the cheaply made, mass produced Jcrew craps? And this is the 3rd time you quoted that post I made in 2011. Judging from your sorry dieworkwear tumblr content (armchair philosopher of the fashion industry) you have no credibility. That shirt looks nothing like the Polo shirt. You guys need to get your eyes...
Yes Julien is awesome.   They are both blue printed workshirts. That is as far as the similarities go.   I get it, you are trying to find a $115 alternative to a $265 shirt. You get what you pay for.
Sorry I'm not here to flog worthless crap in my signature every few weeks. Seriously "RRL aesthetic" to you means any flimsy mass produced shirt that has dot print and long sleeves? RRL is about accurate historical archives, quality fabrics (such as discharge print indigo cloth, herringbone jaspé, and many others) and perhaps most importantly, exclusivity (small number of stores and suppliers.) All this talk about "aesthetics" just makes you sound like an ignorant...
Even if you live down the street, selecting $5 shipping (on clearance) will result in your order probably getting cancelled or pushed back days before it even leaves the warehouse. If it ships same or next day consider yourself lucky.
Looks more like Old Navy/Jcrew than RRL.   Is that their new Polo tag? Looks hideous. Big mistake..
Except they're $240...
New Posts  All Forums: