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Another reason never to use UPS when shipping internationally: I bought a pair of vintage shoes for $70 from a novice US buyer, and he decided that UPS shipping to Canada would be fast and effective. The UPS guy attempted delivery twice (both times at around 1 p.m., when I wouldn't be at work or anything, right?). He left a note on my door saying that I owed $50 in brokerage fees (on top of $40 in shipping). No indication of where I could get the shoes.   Then I get a...
 Yeah, that was me. About a year ago, though.
6 Ford suits? I can't even find a fucking wearable tie in the city of Toronto. Fuckin' LA.
 Those are buffalo. You stole them. I've been looking for a pair for 5 years, and they're worth considerably more than you paid.
 For posterity:  
My first really weird shipping experience today: a few weeks ago I paid $100 for a vintage t-shirt. Seller shipped from California to Toronto...in a paper lunchbag.
GANT tweed sportcoat. The base color is blue with a lavender/lilac windowpane. The sportcoat is fully lined in a pink/lilac rayon-cupro. It has side vents, faux pick-stitching, a high gorge, a modern 2-button closure. It's in nice condition with no issues.   It's tagged an EU 50, and measures and fits like a US 42R. Lying flat, it's approximately 22" in the chest, 18.5" in the shoulders, 26" from the shoulder-seam to the cuff (both sleeves), and 29" from the bottom of...
A cool piece of Americana/Canadiana for the thread. Not politically correct, but this might be the only one in existence, and so I post for posterity. Check out the dates and the scale (I have it leaning against a library cabinet, and the boot trees are about 16"). I'll have to get it properly framed:    
A couple of months ago I was able to pick up a bunch of suits that had been custom-ordered from a Toronto menswear store, but had never been picked up. This Zegna Su Misura 2-piece is one of that bunch. Because the suit has been tailored for another person, I'm going to call it "pre-owned". However, it is in excellent condition, and I'm nearly certain that it's not been worn. This is from Zegna's Swiss production, and it's clearly dated to the last quarter of 2014. The...
This custom-made Samuelsohn suit still has its $1,830 price-tag affixed to the sleeve. This suit was made-to-order, but was never picked up by the buyer. It's the 4th and last custom piece that I'll be selling at an outrageous discount. The pants are unhemmed, the jacket pockets are basted shut. The piece is new. The only condition issue is that the loop at the neck and the Harry Rosen tag on the lining have been clipped to prevent return. Also, the person who ordered the...
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