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 When I posted that message I was on my laptop at home, and I couldn't see the stain. Now I'm in the office on a different computer, and the stain's clear. I guess the lesson's that you never know which pair of eyes is looking at which kind of screen (and screen settings).
 The colour thing is ridiculous, especially the purple-blue comment. But I kind of think the guy's right about the stain. You do say it's there, and the buyer would know that he's getting a stained tie. But I can't see it at all in the picture. As I read it he's not saying that he didn't know about the stain, only that he couldn't see it and that it's "very big." Remember that you're dealing with a person who's willing to buy and wear a used, stained tie.
Dack's Antelope:   1940s McHale:   [[SPOILER]]  1950s Dack's: 
If you're going to fake it, why fake it like this:  
A few interesting shoes since I've not posted anything relevant in months: Early-Mid Century Florsheims w/ contrast welt.  Dack's Oxhide-Grain Longwings (other 1/2 not pictured)   Dack's Prairie Oxhide Longwings   [[SPOILER]]
 It's amazing that the guy paid retail at Rosen for all of those shirts and suits when the sizes run from 15/39 to 17.5/44 and the suits are 40-44 (and probably 20 years old).
Wonder if there's a story here:    
 Wes has tapped a whole new subset of monied eBayers: the blind.    
I think that I've netted something like $5,000-$6,000 over the last twelve months. That's living in Canada, and living outside of Toronto. For me, the vision of professional thrifting was tarnished around November of last year when I looked at the pile of unsold stuff in my house that I maybe could've sold for a $20 profit/piece. And it had to be listed, boxed, mailed. I'd also had enough of being a "regular" at certain stores and flipping through every size 17+ shirt...
 As long as you know Sax, Starker, Shafran, Martzy, and Rabin, you know classical LPs. It's a much easier area to collect than funk and psych., where you're constantly finding crazy private labels that look cool but are worth less than nothing. People need to be strongly cautioned against buying records for any purpose other than listening.
New Posts  All Forums: