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 Nice shoes, but not worth 1/2 the asking-price. Maybe if they were the '50s version, but not the '87 edition. It's also always a little off-putting to see the Value Village scrawl on the outsoles. Wipe that off before listing them for 20x what you paid.
Yeah, that's California thrifting. Gotta make peace with it. I'll assume that chair was $8.99.
Sold! Thanks, everyone, for looking.
These aren't real croc, right? The price-tag's confusing me:        
People noticed that it says "Linning", right? Usually poor spelling is a bad sign.
It's not even worth it. If you're not the first guy at the bin, you'll miss everything. It's crazy. You probably have 1-5 minutes to buy vinyl once it's on the floor.Some of you might dig this story. Once, just out of curiosity (I wanted to see what would happen), I brought my beat-to-shit worthless re-issue of Dark Side into a thrift and put it in the vinyl bin. It was unplayable, really scratched to hell. I wanted to see how long it would last. I swear that within 30...
If anyone's lucky enough to get to a collection of 1950s/1960s classical vinyl before it's picked over, I'm a serious collector. Send me a PM.In terms of desirable records, you can look to tailored clothing for an analogy: you're looking for Kiton amongst the CK and JAB. Some people will never find Kiton.Valuable classical records will almost always be Stereo pressings. Typically you're looking for violinists. That Rabin record is a good one--but only the Stereo pressing...
Mainline Zegna 3-roll-2 100% cashmere triple-patch-pocket sportcoat. This is a true sportcoat, not the top half of a suit. The fabric is a soft herringbone in brown tones. It's perfect for the fall and winter. I've taken all of my pictures in natural sunlight, and the true colour is darker than the pictures would suggest. The jacket is canvassed and lined in the shoulders. The sleeves have surgeon's cuffs. There's a center vent. The piece is in excellent condition, with no...
This Kijiji seller has 4 or 5 thrift-store furs priced between $20K and $30K each. All of the listings warn buyers not to make offers. Both of these listings belong to the same seller. For those outside of Toronto, the second listing is for bus/subway tokens. You'd save four whole dollars by buying all ten, or $0.40 by buying one. She'll sell you a coat for $20K, or a bus token for $2.50. But the price is NOT NEGOTIABLE.      
New Posts  All Forums: