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Kind of an aggressive (and certainly an insulting) statement. Especially on a thread which has as its premise discussing selling things online. Many things are easy to ignore; I think intelligent persons can still complain about them.
I list a piece about a week ago for $125 including priority shipping. BIN; no Best Offer. It's an in-demand piece, and within that week it generates 15 watchers. I get an email this morning:   "I'm not really interested in buying this, but would you take $50?"   Wouldn't it be amazing if you could leave Offer Feedback?
 I'll never understand it. Doesn't anyone else thrift NY? You'd think the pie would be split, but the man's eating the whole damn pie. I defer to you, sir. I needed 9 years of post-secondary education to make 1/5 of what you pull by selling used clothes.
From the website that auctioned the Kiton vicuna sportcoat. The first one's a leather jacket; the second is an overcoat. Both are NWT, and the prices are CDN $. I couldn't believe this when I saw it--it's so ridiculously stupid. Harry Rosen should know better.    
I've tried to tailor this to fit, but it's 2" too short. This is a recent Samuelsohn wool-cashmere sportcoat. The piece is fully canvassed with dual vents. It has a 2-button closure, and it's completely lined. It's in excellent condition with no issues of any kind.   The jacket is a true sportcoat, not the top 1/2 of a suit.   It is tagged a 40 Short, and it fits and measures like a true 40S. Flat, it's approximately 21.5" in the chest, 18.5" in the shoulders, 24.75"...
 As crazy and semi-literate as my fellow Canadian may be, your eBay listings show $32 USD for shipping from NY to Canada on a single tie. That's $40 Canadian. I can ship a pair of shoes (trees included) via Priority Mail from Toronto to LA for $30 Canadian.  A tie would be $20ish sent Priority. Not being a jerk. You've had a ton of ties listed that I wouldn't bid on because of the shipping. I've bought from Wes, and I think he charged like $6.
I don't see how you can go wrong with this: 100% camel-hair 3-season PRL sportcoat made in Italy by Corneliani. The jacket's a classic 2-button piece with a high gorge and a center-vent. It's in excellent condition with a clean lining and no rips or tears.   The jacket's tagged a 48, and it measures like a US 48: Lying flat, it's approximately 25" in the chest, 19" in the shoulders, 24.25" from each shoulder-seam to each cuff (with a full 2" to add), and 31" from the...
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