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Guy in Ferrari drops off clothes; guy in Ferrari picks up clothes.
This is a true sportcoat, not the jacket from a suit. It has a 3-button closure that could be pressed to a 3-roll-2.5. Right now it's more of a hard-3. It's a lightweight piece with side vents, 4 buttons on the sleeves, a bemberg lining, and softer shoulders (though there is padding). The sportcoat is of course fully canvassed. It is tagged a European 54, and measures like an US 44. Lying flat, it's approximately 22.5" in the chest, 19.5" in the shoulders, 25" from the...
Church's     Dack's     Barker  
A nice and rare pair of Church's Fighting Seal (i.e. sealskin monk-straps) in a medium-brown seal-hide. The shoes are leather-lined and welted and have combination heels. There's minimal wear to the heels and outsoles all the way to the toes: the toe-welting shows wear and you can see the slight seam developing between the insole and outsole, though the sole is NOT loose. The hide is in fine and supple shape. I've conditioned and brushed these, and I've shaped them in shoe...
 There's a worse sub-set of guys who'll offer $25 for something that you've listed for $50 (with free shipping), and then reject your counter-offer of $30. I had a '70s Harley belt that I listed for $25 with free shipping from Canada to the States. A buyer messaged me saying, "I really, really want this. I'm willing to give you ten bucks." I said that I'd come down to $20, but that was basically shipping and what I'd paid for the belt. He rejected the offer, then messaged...
Yes, I'm aware of the issues in terms of selling these. The shoes are, however, 30 years old. And they're too nice and rare to toss.   These sleek-lasted Dack's sealskin tassel loafers show little wear. They're tagged "Factory Rejects", I think, because of the imperfections in the natural grain of the skin. On the left toe you can see a left-right swath in the grain. That's not something done at the factory--it was the seal.   The shoes are tagged 8.5D and measure...
 When I posted that message I was on my laptop at home, and I couldn't see the stain. Now I'm in the office on a different computer, and the stain's clear. I guess the lesson's that you never know which pair of eyes is looking at which kind of screen (and screen settings).
 The colour thing is ridiculous, especially the purple-blue comment. But I kind of think the guy's right about the stain. You do say it's there, and the buyer would know that he's getting a stained tie. But I can't see it at all in the picture. As I read it he's not saying that he didn't know about the stain, only that he couldn't see it and that it's "very big." Remember that you're dealing with a person who's willing to buy and wear a used, stained tie.
Dack's Antelope:   1940s McHale:   [[SPOILER]]  1950s Dack's: 
If you're going to fake it, why fake it like this:  
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