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 They were okay, but they still needed work. I wish I knew who made them. It takes me about a week to get shoes ready for pictures. Everything I buy is re-shaped in a lasted tree, polished with cream and/or wax and sometimes a clear coat, and then the secret step--drying them in a cedar chest before a final polishing. I think the art in that's a carry-over from one of my other hobbies: oil painting. If I could just thrift old shoes, I'd be happy.
Stuff:   '80s Ainge Tanktop     '60s-ish curling knit     '60s Eaton's wingtips. These aren't Dack's or Hartt, but they are tanks.     Vintage PRL     3-Piece truly bespoke tweed with a nice stripe effect     '60s Viyella blackwatch. Canvassed, vented.     Vintage Banana Republic bomber for me     '80s Loake brogues     Leather flight jacket     Church's Fighting Seal slip-ons     DAKS 100% Cashmere SC     1975 H....
 What size was this guy? Seeing this stuff is killing me--as is probably the case with the other thread guys who have to wear a jacket and tie to work.
 No, and I don't even take my phone into the store with me. If you're thrifting for a living, and you're a guy going through women's clothes and pots and pans and fabric, then I think one's essential. But if you're doing it as a hobby, it's not that hard to figure out quality and tags. Especially if you're only doing menswear.
Field jackets:   1943   1944   1952   1957   1972
1940s Scott-Mchale:   1950s John McHale   1960s The McHale Shoe   1950s Dack's Water Bison Wholecuts   1960s Church's Oxhide
 This is how bad Toronto thrifting's become: you can't even find Dior Monsieur anymore.
590 means 9E. The first number is the width number: i.e, 1=A, 2=B, 3=C, 4=D, 5=E. The next two numbers are the size: 9.0 in your case. An 8.5B would be 285.
 You got lucky. Probably by $100 or so.
First, a couple of things:   Apollo 11 Flight Jacket (obviously not authentic NASA, but true to the era)     Magli "Platinum" Boots     The Jompso thing: Every so often members pop up who feel like they're trying to prove something. This is a thread about stuff we find at thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales. No one is "good" at that, and you need some humility. I love analogies: it's like a panhandler bragging how good he is when a guy drops a hundred...
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