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No, I haven't. I know what you're saying, but I don't think many people are putting stained pants in the GW donation bin so they can be shredded or re-purposed some way. I'd bet that nearly every donor thinks they're giving someone else a chance to wear them.
Prostate cancer runs in my family, and I've never laughed at pics people post. I understand it. But I don't understand why this stuff's being donated or how it's getting to the floor. If you have that problem, you know you have that problem. You're donating these clothes to be re-sold. It doesn't make sense.
Kind of a strange mindset where you're selling your stuff instead of donating it, but you're willing to take 1% of what it's worth.
Circa. 1984 Hartt calfksin wingtip brogues. They're decent shoes, but not the best quality.
This DAKS 100% cashmere sportcoat is a great change-of-pace piece. It's a 3x patch-pocket sportcoat with dual vents, suede detailing around the buttonholes, a full lining, and fat lapels. There's also about 2" of waist suppression.The jacket shows no condition issues, and it'll arrive ready to wear.The piece is tagged a 42R. Lying flat, it's approximately 21" in the chest, 18" in the shoulders, 24.5" from the LEFT shoulder-seam to the cuff, 25" from the RIGHT shoulder seam...
The GSP is a joke. As a Canadian buyer with a perfect feedback score on hundreds of transactions, sellers who insist on using the GSP for shipping to Canada automatically lose a buyer. Or, if I really want the item, I subtract the cost of the GSP from what I'm willing to pay. The seller sees less money.The GSP serves no purpose in North America.
I keep shoes in the drawers. No other place in my house to hang and photograph a 4-foot coat.
Kind of an aggressive (and certainly an insulting) statement. Especially on a thread which has as its premise discussing selling things online. Many things are easy to ignore; I think intelligent persons can still complain about them.
I list a piece about a week ago for $125 including priority shipping. BIN; no Best Offer. It's an in-demand piece, and within that week it generates 15 watchers. I get an email this morning:   "I'm not really interested in buying this, but would you take $50?"   Wouldn't it be amazing if you could leave Offer Feedback?
New Posts  All Forums: