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 That 1/140000 Hockney find has raised expectations a bit too high on the "thrift store" bragging thread.
 That's not unusual. We have about 100 members who post on this thread, and 5,000 lurkers/full-time thrifters reading it. Unless you can dedicate your weekday mornings to thrifting, your success rate is going to be low. Probably ridiculously low, to the point where you start wondering why you're wasting your time.
This is Canadian winter thrifting--cool stuff that fits you but isn't really worth anything: Roots hiking boots.  1950s McHale stitch-caps  YSL cashmere from the '90s (if real)  Expos t-shirt  Very scarce 1950s calypso 78s:  Weird Robert Gordon signed/numbered serigraph. No clue about the artist. Probably worth nothing, but if you don't know who Gordon is this can pass for a James Dean thing:   [[SPOILER]]
 I know you can make money doing it; I'm still saying it's wrong. I think I can back that up by noting that in the years I've been on this thread, I've never seen anyone admit to doing it, though it's obviously happening. The closest you'll get is someone saying, like an LA poster did not so long ago, that sometimes you make deals with the managers/sorters to put stuff in the back. But no one's ever said, "I got this MCM chair because a guy kept it for me in the back, and...
 I know that this is true, and it really pisses me off. The same's true of guys who pick up stuff from the donation bins. There's an eBay seller based in Toronto who somehow finds a new deck jacket every couple of weeks. Or a P-Wing sweater or an amazing concert tee. I check his/her listings all of the time, and I never see a price-tag hole. The stuff's being lifted from somewhere. We're not talking about picking up a few extra bucks at work; these guys are making huge...
One of these days it'll be Snow Beach. 'Til then:   [[SPOILER]]  And I agree with everything that Fueco's said.
This is a new and unworn Samuelsohn jacket made for and sold by Harry Rosen of Toronto. I'm offering it for under a hundred bucks--including shipping from Canada. The jacket is completely new, has unfinished sleeves, and comes with the thread and buttons which your tailor can use to finish the piece. Keep in mind that the button-holes seem to have been prepped for surgeon's cuffs. So if the sleeve-length is too long for you, you might want to pass.   The piece has no...
I got very lucky yesterday. Really in an embarrassing way now that I look at the volume: it looks like Harry Rosen donated all of their NWOT 2012/2013 suits, tuxes, and unclaimed custom (Samuelsohn) sportcoats to a Goodwill outside of Toronto. I was on vacation yesterday, but I had to do something for a client. I should've gone to a hooker because the day was that awful, but I pathetically went to GW instead. Because it was a town where no one wears suits, everything was...
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Cooler recent things: '70s Crombie topcoat:   [[SPOILER]] '60s military tanker-style jacket.   [[SPOILER]] Unworn Whalers Corduroy Hat (Holding off on wearing this to see if it sells) Tundra Cosby vest And non-clothing, but finally a cool place to store my 78s and vinyl. 1950s Tomlinson Sophisticate pecan library cabinet.
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