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 As crazy and semi-literate as my fellow Canadian may be, your eBay listings show $32 USD for shipping from NY to Canada on a single tie. That's $40 Canadian. I can ship a pair of shoes (trees included) via Priority Mail from Toronto to LA for $30 Canadian.  A tie would be $20ish sent Priority. Not being a jerk. You've had a ton of ties listed that I wouldn't bid on because of the shipping. I've bought from Wes, and I think he charged like $6.
I don't see how you can go wrong with this: 100% camel-hair 3-season PRL sportcoat made in Italy by Corneliani. The jacket's a classic 2-button piece with a high gorge and a center-vent. It's in excellent condition with a clean lining and no rips or tears.   The jacket's tagged a 48, and it measures like a US 48: Lying flat, it's approximately 25" in the chest, 19" in the shoulders, 24.25" from each shoulder-seam to each cuff (with a full 2" to add), and 31" from the...
Curated Toronto shoes. Mostly vintage and exotics:                            
 Looks like walnut.
Another reason never to use UPS when shipping internationally: I bought a pair of vintage shoes for $70 from a novice US buyer, and he decided that UPS shipping to Canada would be fast and effective. The UPS guy attempted delivery twice (both times at around 1 p.m., when I wouldn't be at work or anything, right?). He left a note on my door saying that I owed $50 in brokerage fees (on top of $40 in shipping). No indication of where I could get the shoes.   Then I get a...
 Yeah, that was me. About a year ago, though.
6 Ford suits? I can't even find a fucking wearable tie in the city of Toronto. Fuckin' LA.
 Those are buffalo. You stole them. I've been looking for a pair for 5 years, and they're worth considerably more than you paid.
 For posterity:  
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