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PS - I have a couple of the indigo oxfords size 36 from last year that haven't seen much wear (awesome shirts, just too casual for work) - if anyone's interested, drop me a PM.
 My experience is the exact opposite of this.  Which doesn't negate your anecdote, but I've got a counter-one: I bought my first TS shirt in 2012 - the navy mechanic shirt - and probably 10 since.  TS 36 is the best-fitting off-the-rack shirt I've found and I quite literally wear one almost every day.  I've had zero issues with buttons or stitches coming apart.  None.  The fabric & buttons are worlds better than most shirts and are really competitive at the price.  The...
 Thanks and good point.  I'm hard on trousers, so I've had to designate the hopsack Walt as "suit-only" now, but prior to getting the jacket, that was my preferred staple grey.
Is there any of this grey left to special order another matching pair of Walts?
I did a MTO grey hopsack jacket months after ordering the trousers (and after the grey hopsack was restocked) - they look look the same to me.  And I'm used to working graphic assets with super-high attention to detail.  YMMV, though.
 I have an MTO in exactly this... 
Mike, a while back I think you mentioned a Chessboard Tweed jacket MTO was possible - if so, what's the pricing on that?
Yep - I definitely had a little room to spare in my case.
 I had this happen on a few pairs - the fly didn't line up with the stitching.  I had my tailor move the button, just like you're thinking, and they were good to go.
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