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A couple of years ago I geeked out on WWII US Navy peacoats.  I wanted one really badly and not just any coat, one as like-new as possible. So after scouring eBay daily for an entire winter, I ended up with a few just-about-perfect coats.  I'm anal "detail-oriented", so for each promising listing I sent a set of detailed questions. I even sent some coats back because the condition didn't match the answers.   However all ended up being a little big for me and they should...
I was getting ready to list everything on eBay this fall, but I'll throw this out here first:  I'm selling my collection WWII peacoats, including a couple that are in almost perfect shape.  I'd frankly rather sell them to someone who loves vintage peacoats.   I have: - WWII Size 34 (older WWII with cotton lining and slightly slimmer) - fantastic condition with very light wear. Not - WWII Size 34 (satin lining) - purchased in as mint condition that I can dream up (the...
Unfortunately, no.  They have a finished hem instead of a blind one.
  My natural CXL also did the same - went the cement route via my shoe repair place but it didn't hold.  Doesn't seem like laminated leather and lining stays together well without stitching and since the brown CXL belt (which I have too) is a single piece, there's nothing to separate.
Yep: http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/suiting-special-order/products/special-order-caine-sportcoat-navy-hopsack   Just match the specs (e.g. double-breasted body type).
Just want to enthusiastically second this!  When I'm not drinking rye, I'm almost always drinking this one.  Both Four Roses single barrel and small batch are terrific!
I haven't found them to really shrink, but with cotton it's always better to take in than let you.  Cotton will show ANY previous stitch lines and color differences from fading.
Trust me, you won't regret it.  Both the navy and khaki are solid.  Moss wasn't my favorite, but that's just because I only like really brownish olive tones.
For those of you considering the regiment twill Walts, don't sleep on those.  I'm honestly puzzled why they're on markdown (assuming there wasn't enough demand?) - it's a solid, solid, solid cotton pant and for those of you wishing the Rivet had a zipper, it might just be for you.  After you wash it, it wears just like a chino and I personally like the slightly higher rise.  I also have the legs tapered, which is easier to do than on the Rivet.   I just got the navy...
  Oh geez, duh!  I forgot about that.  And given how much stuff I've bought that's kind of embarrassing...
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