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Thanks!  How do you find they compare in the shoulders/chest/torso?
I fit a Taylor Stitch size 36 really well - anyone else the same and how do the fits compare?  It seems like from the measurements that the shoulders are a lot wider and the sleeves longer...
 Welcome to the club!This is where understanding significant others become crucial.  Or lying, but I don't recommend that...
 Take a quick trip to a tailor - if you don't have one, check with a good local store like Nordstrom or look on Yelp.  Walts (and nice trousers in general) are designed to be easy alter in the waist and going from a 36 to a 35ish waist is a piece of cake and fairly inexpensive.  It's worth it to get a perfect fit!
Brown Cliftons:  
 Eh?  It says 222 last, which AFAIK is the same as Players.
 So basically a brown Players? (And ditto on the 108 last - by far my favorite)
Same here.
 Ha, very true.  As a software engineer, I'm trying to be one of the few geek outliers!
 Man, isn't that the truth - Seattle has horrible footwear.   Congrats on the move - Seattle and NY are both awesome places in their own way, but if I could, I'd probably take NY. I felt the same about the Clifton at first too, but after a few wears, it's my favorite shape since it has the longer captoe - other ones like the Townley just seem more "bulby".  Walnut definitely feels more pointy than the brown too.
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