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Awesome, thanks. I'd been seeing a -2 conversion I'm my searches, which would have put my wife at an AE 4.5 from a women's 6.5, but it looks like a (doable!) 5D should work then.
Thanks! Is your wife typically a women's 8?
Maybe I missed this, but what's the smallest MTO size possible?  I'm interested in joining the "Allen Edmonds for my wife" club...
Ditto! I'm interested in the Walt MTO in this fabric...
 Congrats - looks fantastic! I must have missed the original submission - which jacket and trousers were those?
No, I bought them day one last year and they were $250 (just like the navy still is). Just picked up another pair too, because it's the most versatile trouser I have and I have a matching jacket.
As a non-Cramerton owner, thanks - that's pretty helpful! :-)
Mike, did the grey hopsack pricing go up across the board?
I'm also personally fine with a $190 Cramerton in the original weight.
Seconded - this is especially the case on my chessboard tweeds.
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