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I'm a little unclear - is this a Wilshire shape or a trouser makeup?
  This.  I've had every pair tailored through the leg and it's great - kinda nice to dial in the exact leg that works for you.  Wearing a slimmed Walt chino (khaki regiment twill) today in fact - shape works better on me than the Rivet.
Definitely - both is best!
 I also have both (and like both!) - if I could only pick one, it'd be the birdseye.  The fabric is really nice and super versatile. The chessboard definitely feels more casual/rustic and the contrast makes it feel more "patterned" - there's also a tiny bit of brown in there, so it does go really nice with brown/olive tones up top.
 You can also do a 35 - that's what I did after seeing a 36 was too wide in the shoulders for me.
Good call!
Anyone sleeping on those superfine charcoal birdseye is doing yourself a disservice - I'm wearing them today and they're pretty awesome.
I guess I should thank whoever cleared out the size 30 grey hopsack Walts - I was seriously considering pair 3 of those.  Best basic trouser ever.
Awesome, thanks. I'd been seeing a -2 conversion I'm my searches, which would have put my wife at an AE 4.5 from a women's 6.5, but it looks like a (doable!) 5D should work then.
Thanks! Is your wife typically a women's 8?
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