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 I also have both (and like both!) - if I could only pick one, it'd be the birdseye.  The fabric is really nice and super versatile. The chessboard definitely feels more casual/rustic and the contrast makes it feel more "patterned" - there's also a tiny bit of brown in there, so it does go really nice with brown/olive tones up top.
 You can also do a 35 - that's what I did after seeing a 36 was too wide in the shoulders for me.
Good call!
Anyone sleeping on those superfine charcoal birdseye is doing yourself a disservice - I'm wearing them today and they're pretty awesome.
I guess I should thank whoever cleared out the size 30 grey hopsack Walts - I was seriously considering pair 3 of those.  Best basic trouser ever.
Awesome, thanks. I'd been seeing a -2 conversion I'm my searches, which would have put my wife at an AE 4.5 from a women's 6.5, but it looks like a (doable!) 5D should work then.
Thanks! Is your wife typically a women's 8?
Maybe I missed this, but what's the smallest MTO size possible?  I'm interested in joining the "Allen Edmonds for my wife" club...
Ditto! I'm interested in the Walt MTO in this fabric...
 Congrats - looks fantastic! I must have missed the original submission - which jacket and trousers were those?
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