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Does anyone have the chocolate nailhead (http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/trousers-chinos/products/slim-walt-trouser-chocolate-nailhead)?  It looks to me like it has some gloss/shininess in the photos and I'm curious if that's actually the case...
 I want this.  Make it so! /Picard
Great leg fit/profile - looks spot on!
Mike, just to triple-confirm:  the grey (and not the light grey, I saw the answer for that) hopsack trouser MTO is the same color/fabric as the stock grey hopsack Walt/Caine?
 Oh heck yes! Not sure how far into it you are, but a couple of bits of feedback (IMHO, of course):35mm is the perfect width, the perfect balance between dressy and casual.  1.25" is just a little thin and 1.5" is pretty causal, all my 35mm belts are the most versatile. Changeable buckles are fantastic.  Snaps are fine, but Chicago screws are preferable, for what it's worth. 
Mike, I'm a little unclear on how the Japanese garment dyed fabrics are different (other than being lighter)...
Wow, I didn't realize how badly I wanted the no extension top closure.  It's not really something that bothers me, but it looks so much simpler/cleaner!
Oh ye of little faith! :-D
I'm a little unclear - is this a Wilshire shape or a trouser makeup?
  This.  I've had every pair tailored through the leg and it's great - kinda nice to dial in the exact leg that works for you.  Wearing a slimmed Walt chino (khaki regiment twill) today in fact - shape works better on me than the Rivet.
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