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 Thanks and good point.  I'm hard on trousers, so I've had to designate the hopsack Walt as "suit-only" now, but prior to getting the jacket, that was my preferred staple grey.
Is there any of this grey left to special order another matching pair of Walts?
I did a MTO grey hopsack jacket months after ordering the trousers (and after the grey hopsack was restocked) - they look look the same to me.  And I'm used to working graphic assets with super-high attention to detail.  YMMV, though.
 I have an MTO in exactly this... 
Mike, a while back I think you mentioned a Chessboard Tweed jacket MTO was possible - if so, what's the pricing on that?
Yep - I definitely had a little room to spare in my case.
 I had this happen on a few pairs - the fly didn't line up with the stitching.  I had my tailor move the button, just like you're thinking, and they were good to go.
 In retrospect would you have sized down one? (Duck Rivet is a solid fit on me)
 The tweed is more open-weave than the flannel, so it wears a little cooler.  I'm in Seattle and they're a solid Oct-April trouser - say 50-55 or below.
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