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The Hyde shirts look really great (just ordered two!) - I've been looking forward to something like those for a long time!
I'm just going to throw this out there:  If anyone has a merino v-neck size small you're willing to part with, PM me!
Welcome back to SF! I missed out on the water repellent project jacket the last time around - any chance of that coming back?
 Awesome, thanks!
 Mike, any thoughts on this? Now that there's an even bigger plethora of MTO options...
I need a little bit of advice on the fit differences between the Walt and Rudy:   I've been wearing size 30 Walts, but they pull a bit at the bottom point of the pockets (making the pockets gape).  Would I be better off going with size 31 Walts and bringing them in or going with a size 30 Rudy?   So far I've opted for the former, since there's no MTO involved, but figure it's worth asking!
 Unfinished - max flexibility and no worry about length when finishing the ends.
Mike, can you say what's planned for stock F/W Walts vs MTO? For instance, will you get a stock charcoal donegal?   Just trying to plan out what I order when... 
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