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 These look fantastic! And thanks for doing the Chicago screws - I have a buckle I really like (simple but a little dressier) that will look great on these, so I really appreciate having that option!
Geez, the dove grey size 30 Walts are gone already...
Mike, are you going to get a stock charcoal donegal Walt in?
 To say I'm really looking forward to this (and have been for a while) would be a huge understatement...  This seems about perfect for Seattle.
 IT Crowd FTW!
 This.  I have pretty much all my pants tapered and the leg is pretty inexpensive.  That way you get the quality and exact fit you want.
 The fit pic is from the original CPO run (I have one of those) - the FW13/14 version had the brown buttons.  Even though you can't see them as well in the fit pic, the original one also had pleated cuffs.
 He commented on this a few posts up - the fabric is available, it's just a logistics issue of getting it available to Southwick so they can meet the delivery timeframe.
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