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The pearl are definitely lighter. My understanding is that the pearl are lightweight flannel vs the oxfords, which are medium weight.
Mike, random question: the most recent Walt's I've gotten all have 6 belt loops instead of 8 - any particular reason for that? I rather preferred more loops... 
I'm 5'7" and the 36 is a great length - any longer and I couldn't wear them untucked.
(edited, nevermind, should have just used Google first!)
 This. My hands are too small for a 7.5, so I have a custom pair from Kent Wang (which is in turn Chester Jeffries, I believe).
Like the lambswool ones there now...?
OK, the Hyde shirts are the real deal - pretty much a steal at the price.
 I thought there was going to be an OTR charcoal donegal Walt...or is that not happening?
The Hyde shirts look really great (just ordered two!) - I've been looking forward to something like those for a long time!
I'm just going to throw this out there:  If anyone has a merino v-neck size small you're willing to part with, PM me!
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