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 Same. I figured that 2-day priority would make it to NYC Wednesday...
Re-resurrecting this thread:   I've been taking things to Khulman for the last few years and am really happy. At this point I've had just about everything possible done to trousers (waist, seat, thighs, tapering, etc.) and jacket sleeves shortened at the shoulders.   I've also tried a number of other recommended tailors in the Seattle area, but I've been the happiest with Khulman - I'm not planning to switch anytime soon.
 Yeah, 31s too, those suck. (I thought switching from 30 to 31 would help, but noooooppppeeee)
 Well, you learn to develop...what's a good word...strategies...
 Epaulet trousers are all I wear. Can't speak more highly than that, really. The Walt is fairly slim, but I typically have the legs slimmed a bit more (probably similar to the Driggs but with the Walt higher rise and I have to size up an inch to fit my hips correctly).
Good lord, the flannel Hydes feel like butter. My wife's first words where: "can you tell them to make one for me?"
 Well said!
Ditto the other responses - this is a normal day for me.
I could probably echo a lot of what's said and from a "marketing" perspective, I think the biggest issue has just been some of the uncertainty. I don't think TS is hiding anything, I think it was an oversight of sorts. In the end, quality and clearly saying (and being proud) of where things are made is what matters.   And to that, I just bought my 4th and 5th Hyde shirts this morning. I love them and to me they seem a good notch above the US made ones - just much more...
I do this with every pair of Walts.
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