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I'm in for Secret Santa - Seattle FTW!
 OK, I think I'm a solid example case for this:I love the Walt - I started out with the Rivet and wear Walts almost every day now I love all the extra belt loops (and the smaller size) vs the Rivet.  The little things! I've tailored the legs of each pair - the standard leg is just a little too wide on me I have a few pairs of the Regiment Twill Walts that are my go-to chinos - these I've tailored to almost exactly the leg you described, right down to a 7.5" leg opening...
This.  Don't love it, don't buy it. Unless you're literally going to freeze or something.
 Definitely (I have the older version).
 Oh heck yes!  The normally finished sleeves is awesome for those of us with short arms! How's the length on this, as I'm typically a short jacket length.  If you have a wool swatch and sizing info, I'm up for preordering one of those wool units... 
I'm definitely in for Secret Santa...I definitely can work up some artisanal Seattle! 
 Mike, for what it's worth, I'd be all over a nice simple wool - It would be a great in-between a casual jacket and a blazer - AKA perfect with Walts here in Seattle.
 Seriously!  Some good questions and some really awesome detailed answers!
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