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 2nd - I'm so hooked on Rivets then Walts now that I haven't worn jeans in years...
 NYI, that is an awesome tie!
 I would stay with 36, especially since you mentioned the rest of the fit is good in the later post - it's better to bring the waist in a bit than let it out, especially with cotton where the previous stitching lines will show.
Hey, does anyone have any bright-lighted pictures of the chessboard tweed - how dark is it, say compared to the salt and pepper UK donegal?   PS, if anyone's on the fence about the charcoal birdseye (, this fabric is rediculous - heavy, really soft (my wife is jealous of it), and a great textured pattern, really versatile!
 Taylor Stitch has relaunched their womens line too - my wife likes the look of their stuff (and she's probably sadder than anyone that there's no more Epaulet Femme).
I'm in for Secret Santa - Seattle FTW!
 OK, I think I'm a solid example case for this:I love the Walt - I started out with the Rivet and wear Walts almost every day now I love all the extra belt loops (and the smaller size) vs the Rivet.  The little things! I've tailored the legs of each pair - the standard leg is just a little too wide on me I have a few pairs of the Regiment Twill Walts that are my go-to chinos - these I've tailored to almost exactly the leg you described, right down to a 7.5" leg opening...
This.  Don't love it, don't buy it. Unless you're literally going to freeze or something.
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