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  It is. 
  Honestly, there's not much control over this as-is - they get restocks of, say, navy hopsack trousers and jackets at different times. If you were ordering a navy hopsack set today, you'd get the just-restocked trousers and and older jacket.  And for those of us who have to go MTO, there's no avoiding it (grey and dove, if possible, are MTO only anyway).
  Second the question about dove (already have the normal grey on order!).
I don't have the burgundy, but I do have the navy, grey, and dove hopsack Walts - hopsack is awesome.  I have a pair of the grey super 120s too and hopsack is by far my favorite.
  Positive.  I'm comparing it to one of my normal single-sole pairs and it's about the same.  On my other double-soles, you can see two seams, one between the double soles and one between the top sole layer and the welt - here there's only one seam between the sole and the welt:
  Definitely Players and definitely bluchers - I've got a half-dozen pairs, so I'm pretty familiar with the AE styles I like.    Here's some pics:     Again, I prefer the streamlined look of the single sole - it's more just interesting because it's definitely changed (from even what's still in the product descriptions).
I just got my walnut Players from the Nordstrom sale and it looks like they've changed the sole - it's looks like a typical allen edmonds single sole in color and thickness - nothing like my Dalton sole.   I actually prefer the single, but anyone else notice this?
I ordered May 23...maybe this week! 
AweThanks for clarifying that! Roughly how long after ordering did you get them?
For those who have done MTO Southwick jackets, did you get a shipping notification?  I thought I remember reading that those are shipped straight from Southwick, but I could be confused...
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