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 So basically a brown Players? (And ditto on the 108 last - by far my favorite)
 Ha, very true.  As a software engineer, I'm trying to be one of the few geek outliers!
 Man, isn't that the truth - Seattle has horrible footwear.   Congrats on the move - Seattle and NY are both awesome places in their own way, but if I could, I'd probably take NY. I felt the same about the Clifton at first too, but after a few wears, it's my favorite shape since it has the longer captoe - other ones like the Townley just seem more "bulby".  Walnut definitely feels more pointy than the brown too.
 Brown Clifton.  If that doesn't change your mind, nothing will. 
Fantastic slim cotton shawl cardigan from Beams+.  The hard twist cotton knit is solid and smooth and the dark navy color is great. Horn buttons are really nice (extra button included).  Only worn a few times and not washed - it turns out I'm just not a cardigan guy.  Originally $230 from Unionmade.   Measurements: Chest: 19.5” pit to pit Sleeves: 32.25” center of neck to cuff, 24” shoulder seam to cuff. Shoulders: 16.5” (seam to seam across back) Length: 24” (bottom...
These are fantastic shirts - slim and fantastically made in NYC from Japanese cotton, just a touch large for me unfortunately.  All are in excellent condition, washed cold and hang dried. Originally $135.   See the Ernest Alexander site for more info about their shirts:   Measurements: Neck: 15" Chest: 20.5” pit to pit Sleeves: 32.5” center of neck to cuff, 24” shoulder seam to cuff. Shoulders: 17” (seam to seam across...
Epaulet's Rivet Chinos speak for themselves - see product page for full details:   Colors available: Desert Caramel   Both are hemmed to a 30.5” inseam.  Both are in excellent condition with mild wear - canvas has broken in and softened and there is some very light...
Just swung by the office today and thanks to my Secret Santa!     Let's see, so far I've already eaten half of candy bars and the Momofuku stollen is delicious with the coffee!  
 Hey Mike, you've mentioned the special-order trouser build out a couple of times now - can you give us an idea of what to expect?  What kinds of things will you be keeping as "stock" vs special order?
Merry Christmas fellow EPers!
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