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To rule them all - at least during summer!
  Can you give us a rough idea of what to expect?  AKA how much money you will take from us?     They definitely don't read skinny, nor do they read large - very nicely balanced.  In addition to the lapels, the jacket is pretty much awesome.  It looks like the only thing I'll have to mess with is the sleeve cuffs a bit.   As for a way of a review, I ordered the medium grey hopsack in 36S - the fit incredibly solid.  The chest and waist are pretty much perfect - no extra...
  I just got my MTO jacket yesterday and the lapel size is perfect - a nicely balanced width I think.
  One of the things Matt mentioned is that he originally ordered the soft shoulder and it didn't work too well (I think it might have to do with narrow shoulders needing a bit of structure) - the Napoli that comes in only has the soft shoulder (otherwise I'd probably be all over it).   Depending on where you live, you might be able to have a tailor add some padding like Matt did, but I'm not sure I'd be able to get that done well in Seattle.
Very nice!   Which trousers?
Nope, truly final sale.  I imagine if there was a defect that'd be one thing, but you'd better be sure of your size or willing to risk it.
  It is. 
  Honestly, there's not much control over this as-is - they get restocks of, say, navy hopsack trousers and jackets at different times. If you were ordering a navy hopsack set today, you'd get the just-restocked trousers and and older jacket.  And for those of us who have to go MTO, there's no avoiding it (grey and dove, if possible, are MTO only anyway).
  Second the question about dove (already have the normal grey on order!).
I don't have the burgundy, but I do have the navy, grey, and dove hopsack Walts - hopsack is awesome.  I have a pair of the grey super 120s too and hopsack is by far my favorite.
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