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You'll have to email or call them about that - I ran into that issue once myself.  I'm pretty sure it's a limitation of Shopify.
Keep in mind that unless you are emphatic about the dry cleaning method, the cleaner is just going to do a normal water-wash (and mabye dry) for a cotton shirt.
My experience with the oxfords (size 36) is they shrink a touch, more if you throw it in the dryer and minimally (if at all) when cold-washed and line-dried.  I typically try to shrink them a little, so I throw them in the dryer the first few times.  If you're right on the edge, you might size up and use the dryer a couple times.
No problem, I've edited the listing above to include measurements.
 1. The sleeves look too short, especially on your left arm. Otherwise fit looks good to me.2. I can't quite tell with the neck, but the 2nd to last picture looks like moth damage to me.  I would expect wear to be more uniform - the patchy look where the inner weave shows through, especially when it looks like little craters in material, is what I have been attributing to moth damage.  It's depressingly common - only a few coats I've looked at don't have any.
J.Crew's product details: http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/outerwear/wool/PRDOVR~87195/87195.jsp   I wore this coat for one Seattle winter but it's just a touch large on me (I should have gotten an XS in retrospect).  It's in excellent condition - the only noticeable wear is some indigo denim transfer on the lower inside tan lining, otherwise it's like-new.  The Thinsulate provides plenty of warmth without the weight.   Measurements: (All with coat buttoned) Chest...
 No, there wasn't, even in the email. Though for $98, who can complain!?!  I snagged a charcoal one ASAP and it's fantastic.
As a point of reference, the vintage WWII one I'm selling has a pit-to-pit of 21.5" - I've been assuming it's a size 40.
I don't have a definitive answer, but my experience is that all the shirts share a base pattern and only the details (buttons, pockets, fabrics, etc.) change from shirt to shirt.
 I'm 5' 7" 140#s - 30 in both Walt and Rivet.
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