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Yep: http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/suiting-special-order/products/special-order-caine-sportcoat-navy-hopsack   Just match the specs (e.g. double-breasted body type).
Just want to enthusiastically second this!  When I'm not drinking rye, I'm almost always drinking this one.  Both Four Roses single barrel and small batch are terrific!
I haven't found them to really shrink, but with cotton it's always better to take in than let you.  Cotton will show ANY previous stitch lines and color differences from fading.
Trust me, you won't regret it.  Both the navy and khaki are solid.  Moss wasn't my favorite, but that's just because I only like really brownish olive tones.
For those of you considering the regiment twill Walts, don't sleep on those.  I'm honestly puzzled why they're on markdown (assuming there wasn't enough demand?) - it's a solid, solid, solid cotton pant and for those of you wishing the Rivet had a zipper, it might just be for you.  After you wash it, it wears just like a chino and I personally like the slightly higher rise.  I also have the legs tapered, which is easier to do than on the Rivet.   I just got the navy...
  Oh geez, duh!  I forgot about that.  And given how much stuff I've bought that's kind of embarrassing...
AAwww man, I just ordered the navy regiment twill on Monday!
  Probably not, since I'm assuming it's just one pattern, but if you leave off the herringbone taping, it should just be a flat felled inseam and outseam (without that taping and it's parallel stitching) - that makes tapering a $10-15 tailor job.
  Oh. crap.  I had pretty much switched away from Rivets to Walts because they were easier to dress up, but some of these options sound fantastic...
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