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Interesting - I'm a solid 36 Hyde and I've found they fit a little looser than my various casual TS 36es (which is good, since a few of those are too tight).
For casual I think it works, but a BD oxford Hyde with some roll would be pretty great. The Hyde is a freakin' steal for under $100 - I wear one almost every day.
Brad, that is fantastic!
 This x 1000
Mike, the newer Walts I've gotten all have 6 belt loops instead of 8 - just wondering if there was a reason for that? It's a little thing, but I rather liked the 8 better. 
 Yikes, I'm kind of counting the gifts I'm giving that are in transit. But talking to our UPS guy, he said he has 250 delivery stops today (up from 176 on Fri)...
 Same. I figured that 2-day priority would make it to NYC Wednesday...
Re-resurrecting this thread:   I've been taking things to Khulman for the last few years and am really happy. At this point I've had just about everything possible done to trousers (waist, seat, thighs, tapering, etc.) and jacket sleeves shortened at the shoulders.   I've also tried a number of other recommended tailors in the Seattle area, but I've been the happiest with Khulman - I'm not planning to switch anytime soon.
 Yeah, 31s too, those suck. (I thought switching from 30 to 31 would help, but noooooppppeeee)
 Well, you learn to develop...what's a good word...strategies...
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