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Awesome, thanks!
@Epaulet, is it possible to do a cotton Walt Porto trouser only?
As said secret Santa, it was a blast! It really does say a lot about Mike and Adele that in this crazy Internet-based world they've created an environment where these kinds of real-world things can happen, even around something as ultimately "trivial" as clothing. It's really something special. 
You still can and should! They're a step-up from the made-in-California ones, IMHO - the construction is a lot crisper/precise and can be dressed up a bit.
To everyone (including me) that asked for a buttondown Hyde: my made-in-Portugal fall plaid Jack came in and it's pretty much that (albeit with a really soft collar). And fantastic.
What's the smallest size possible on the Heirlooms? My wife is teaching this year in upstate NY and it seems like something she might like...
 And for me, I've had about 8-10 standard shirts. Of course they're spread across a few years, but the sizing has been hit and miss. A few fit OK, a few (in really cool fabrics, of course), are really tight. I have about 10 Hydes and they all fit consistently great. I'm a 36 for reference.
 I have to disagree, please don't change the fit of the Hyde - it fits me perfectly as is, where a lot of the casual shirts a little small. It's by far the best fitting shirt I've ever found. (I also find that shirt to shirt sizing is more consistent than the made in California ones, those have had much more variation for me...)
Hey TS guys,   The last few Hydes I've gotten (plaids, linen/cotton, glacier/ash gingham) all have collars that are a little softer than the original ones (e.g. navy mini gingham). I really like this new softer collar (but still stiff enough to look clean) - is this just certain fabrics or a future restocks of the earlier fabrics going to have it too?   I'd basically just really love the navy gingham with the softer collar.
  I think the Hyde's look great with a suit depending on the pattern - honestly not sure if I've seen something that goes better...
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