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I could probably echo a lot of what's said and from a "marketing" perspective, I think the biggest issue has just been some of the uncertainty. I don't think TS is hiding anything, I think it was an oversight of sorts. In the end, quality and clearly saying (and being proud) of where things are made is what matters.   And to that, I just bought my 4th and 5th Hyde shirts this morning. I love them and to me they seem a good notch above the US made ones - just much more...
I do this with every pair of Walts.
Barbaris flannels sold out already?!?
+1 for Secret Santa - I really enjoyed that last year!
Good lord guys...
I ordered the Schott fashion peacoat (751) and am not impressed. Wool shell is thin and rough feeling, not particularly soft, and the lining, especially in the pockets, feels really poly/plasticky cheap. The pockets are truly awful and I'd still feel that way if I hadn't ever experienced the wonder of corduroy pockets.
Mike, random question: the most recent Walt's I've gotten all have 6 belt loops instead of 8 - any particular reason for that? It's a little thing, but I kinda liked the more loops...
Oh, definitely. Honestly, neither fit me out of the box and I have to have both tailored, but I think a little more thought went into the basic lines of the Walt fit. IMHO, of course.
I can confirm Hertling - I also believe its a stock Hertling pattern anyone can order from them. Epaulet Walt (proprietary pattern) fit is vastly superior, IMHO.
The pearl are definitely lighter. My understanding is that the pearl are lightweight flannel vs the oxfords, which are medium weight.
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