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Mike, can you say what's planned for stock F/W Walts vs MTO? For instance, will you get a stock charcoal donegal?   Just trying to plan out what I order when... 
 These look fantastic! And thanks for doing the Chicago screws - I have a buckle I really like (simple but a little dressier) that will look great on these, so I really appreciate having that option!
Geez, the dove grey size 30 Walts are gone already...
Mike, are you going to get a stock charcoal donegal Walt in?
 To say I'm really looking forward to this (and have been for a while) would be a huge understatement...  This seems about perfect for Seattle.
 IT Crowd FTW!
 This.  I have pretty much all my pants tapered and the leg is pretty inexpensive.  That way you get the quality and exact fit you want.
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