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I just got the Southwick poplin buffalo check and it's a little big - shoulders and chest aren't too bad, but the sleeves are more of an issue. Any idea of how much it might shrink?
Cool! http://www.cnn.com/2015/03/31/living/made-in-usa-consumer-direct-buck-mason/index.html
Hopsack. The little bit of texture gives it some flexibility in formality.
Interesting - I'm a solid 36 Hyde and I've found they fit a little looser than my various casual TS 36es (which is good, since a few of those are too tight).
For casual I think it works, but a BD oxford Hyde with some roll would be pretty great. The Hyde is a freakin' steal for under $100 - I wear one almost every day.
Brad, that is fantastic!
 This x 1000
FWIW, I sent back a pair of trousers to the return address on the site Monday, was delivered yesterday, and received a refund today.
I ordered a pair of flannel trousers right before Christmas and they shipped out within a few days.  I haven't tried a return since a few years ago, though.
Mike, the newer Walts I've gotten all have 6 belt loops instead of 8 - just wondering if there was a reason for that? It's a little thing, but I rather liked the 8 better. 
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