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BUMP... thinking of buying one too...  Their slim fit is right around Express's Medium for me so it's almost perfect...  How the quality for the price?
I'm thinking about getting some slim shirts from 5th and Lamar... How is the quality of the shirt?
Came across this company in the slim shirt guide... 5th and Lamar ( Did a search, but no luck on any information on the company... Anyone buy from them and know the quality of the shirts or where the shirts are made?   
So I'm looking for some slim fit shirts... browsing through the threads, people tend to give their measurements in hoping to find that magical fitting shirt...  I know my size, but slim could mean super slim or tent depending on the company... So fast forward now... light bulb went on.... SIZE CHART...  useful? accurate?  I won't be able to test my theory till later and I'm really wanting to know if company size charts are actually what they say they are...   So far...
Some nice looking dress shirts from Todd Shelton... around $100-$125 (incl tax/free shipping/free returns) for a dress shirt completely made in the US.... Nalgene for some BPA free water bottles and liquid containers.... MTM or OTR shirts... haven't tried them personally..
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