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Just do Ortho-K and never have to worry about contacts and glasses again
Wearing my new C&J babies for the first time today.   They are on the 358 last, which is almost identical to the 348, but I find these a bit pointier (it could be my eyes though)  
Too bad they are UK11 :(
I think you have something on your face
I've had good success with David Collins Shoe Repairs just behind 101 Collins St - he always comes across as very grumpy though :)
Can you share in pics?
I'm wearing mine today - C&J Lowndes in black suede
I've reduced my prices on the shoes trees I have left, cedar Woodlores in Combination are $25 and Epics are $30 - this is below what I bought them for (my wife doesn't like them hanging around hahaha). You will not find a cheaper pair of shoe trees in Australia.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/372082/woodlore-cedar-shoe-trees-and-professional-valet-box#post_6806778
These don't fit my shoes, hence why I'm selling them. I now have 4 spare trees that I will keep
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