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Thanks - they are UK9.5 (I can't seem to update the title)
Just posted some hardly worn cheaney shoes on B&S. Anyone who picks in Melbourne I will include a pair of Florsheim shoe trees http://www.styleforum.net/t/410251/cheaney-9-5f-tenterden-mahogani-grain-shoes
I have a pair of cheaney shoes in very good condition. They have only been worn
Sorry for not including the size before, they are UK9.5E, but I would say they are more like a UK9E.   Hopefully I can sell them soon as I've found a really nice pair or Cheaney longwings in shell cordovan     http://www.styleforum.net/t/406497/carmina-shell-cordovan-burgundy-uk-9-5e
I have up for grabs a fantastic pair of Carminas in shell cordovan size UK9.5E. They are on the rain last and it comes with original box and shoe bags. They are just too small for me and have been worn less than 15 times. I would say they are more like a UK9E or US10D. I'm open for offers as my wife wants these gone. Happy to be flexible on postage too.
I'm looking to sell my carminas in burgundy cordovan - they just don't fit my feet right. I'll post them on the marketplace over the next couple of days but please PM me if you're interested. Shoes are much cheape if you only need the right one - I find the left quite expensive
Suede is the black c&j double monk in the middle - sorry for the bad pic quality. I need some loafers though...
My wife thinks I have a problem, so I'm coming here to seek a second opinion.
Has anyone had any recent experiences with the Tricker's factory shop (cost, range, etc)?   I'm planning on going to the UK in June/July and dedicating a day to a couple of shoe factories and would appreciate any insight...
If they were in the 1880 range I would take them. It wasn't me at American Tailors either (dispite only complaining on this forum about their terrible customer service)
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