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  I'd choose simpleton over philistine:         
I'm told he also wears Prada.     
  While I'm sure there are many people who would willingly take his problems, it's refreshing to see people who are motivated.       
I've long enjoyed the therapeutic qualities of gardening. You get the satisfaction of working with your hands and also the knowledge that you are contributing to something bigger than yourself.        
Heathen!   In all seriousness, did you have much difficulty sourcing the sichuan? It has been next to impossible to find here.
  I studied theology so I understand what you're saying but such an interpretation makes the verses entirely irrelevant to this thread  
My understanding is that Leviticus 13 1-46 discusses leprosy specifically while 47-59 is for molds in general.     While I agree with your sentiment, I simply find it interesting that regulations for mold were explicitly discussed in the Bible whereas today it is simply assumed that moldy clothing should not be worn. 
Has any one brought up the issue of mold? Make sure you avoid any articles with green or red mold. Definitely a jewish faux pas.         
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