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The sportcoat is brand new, unworn with tags intact.   The sportcoat is charcoal in herringbone italian wool with side vents. Size is a 38s.   Link on Jcrew website   $180 shipped (CONUS) or best offer.   Paypal only please.
The peacoat is brand new, unworn with tags intact.   The peacoat is the non-thinsulate version in navy, size small.   Link on Jcrew website   $160 shipped (CONUS) or best offer   Paypal only please.
How should I go about cleaning and protecting my suede desertboots and wingtip shoes? Should I just get the suede cleaner/eraser and spray protector from Allen Edmonds?
 I kind of like it actually...
Any recommendations for a tailor near downtown or k-town? I need to have some shirts taken in, sleeves shortened and some sport coats taken in as well.
Should I buy:     for $170?
Guys if I can get either for ~$130, should I grab one?   Either the    Blue:   or   Brown:
Completely forgot, we should do a meetup real soon. How is this upcoming week for people?
Do any of you guys have opinions on the differences between the normal BB OCBD and BB Brookscool OCBD? I'm trying to buy a white and blue OCBD to add to my wardrobe, just not sure which one is better.   Also do these shirts shrink when they are washed/dried? I'm reading on the site that they shrink a lot.
I can't do 4th of July weekend but I can do the week after.
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