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  FWIW, the brown is darker in person than the pic on bb's website.  They are my most complimented shoes by far.  
Mine are the same.  Probably normal.
Measurements from a 15/32, after washing:   CT - P2P - 19.5" - Waist - 19"   BB ESF - P2P - 19.75" - Waist - 19"   *Waist measured 8" below pit   Also note that the ESF I measured is a patterned shirt.  Measurements I posted a couple of posts earlier were a solid.  Not sure why the slight difference, but the fabric seems to be a bit different as well.  The patterned shirts have a softer hand and seem to breathe better.  
Also had issues with the discount.  Initially showed a zero discount at the final step.  Had to exit checkout, re-enter, then--voila--discount showed up.  BB's website is consistently terrible.
Picked up some slim fit polos.  Decent prices with the quantity discount stacked with the 30% corp.  Hoping they fit similar to Polo custom fit, but with slightly wider and longer sleeves.  
NYR's couch?     [[SPOILER]]
    Looks like the Maple jacket.  Try here.
Just measured my BB ESF, size 15/32.   P2P - 20" Waist (about 20 cm below pits) - 18.75"   Slightly narrower than CT's chart for the same size, in Tailored Fit.   
I was wondering the same.  I have some BB ESFs, but problem is they are a bit tight in the chest, but too wide in the waist.  More of a straight cut, but I need v-shaped.  Are CTs better in that regard?
I don't have experience with the Zegna suit, but I like the RLBL quite a bit.  Get it if you like it, particularly if you are young and in shape.     You are asking advice from a small, though enlightened, niche.  99% of the population will have a hard time noticing differences in suits.  Just look around--terrible suits are everywhere and no one cares. 
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