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Where can I get my jeans repaired? I've been going to Rufcut on sawtelle for a,few years but I'm looking for a change. That guy just charges too much, takes too long, and sometimes the work is a little shoddy. Im just lokkijg for a hem and a crotch hole repair. Recs are appreciated!
Hi folks! I was hoping someone could help me out with a recommendation on a jeans cut similar to my old Nudie Regular Ralfs. Nudie doesn't make them anymore and my old pair have finally just about wore into tatters. I know this kind of cut isnt exactly popular around here, but I know that there is as much denim knowledge here as you can find one the web. Im looking for something that is a midrise unwashed selvedge slimish cut with a slight bootcut. If anybody knows...
Im between the small and medium duffle for my travel needs. I need a bag I can use as a weekend bag for 2-3 nights on my frequent weekend jaunts but I can also use to travel lightly between the NY and LA. I have clothes in both places to so I need a bag I can throw a few t shirts in along with a few books and tablet and a few odds and ends I always end up bringing. So something i can use for a light carryon and also something that I can use to fill up for a weekend trip....
Oh and by the way it is tan
I have a brand new Filson 257 with tags never used. Not sure what the going rate for these is but I'll entertain any reasonable offers. Just doing a little closet cleaning and I'm shocked to see so much stuff with the tags still on never used. More to come. 
I posted this a while ago, but wasn't in a hurry to sell it really and I didn't get any decent offers.  Figured I'd bump it back up.
Very good question.  It's the regular standard tan color.
Give me a reasonable offer
Not sure what more to say. The title pretty much says it all. I didn't include a picture because the condition of the bag is brand new -- never used. I bought this to be my new briefcase but never used it. I removed the tags but I still have them. The bag was never even taken outside. Brand new.   It's the Tan color.
I posted this in the haircut thread in Health and Body forum, but didn't get any help.  I thought maybe some knowledgeable LA people could help me out.     So my hair is long as shit.  It's been over a year since I got it cut.  I  last got it cut at Baxter Finley on La Cienega.  They did an awesome job but when I called on Thursday and told them that I need a haircut but my hair is almost down to my shoulders, the guy on the phone seemed hesitant.  He told me to...
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