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TY, @Takai!    I like it. I think it, and I think it looks pretty solid. I shall wear it to work tomorrow. 
Couple interesting things from tonight. Bulova gold watch from 1965 I think (M5)? Non-original leather strap, about 35mm. Works well; self-winding automatic. Not sure anything else about it, would love some info from the watch experts here.    Polo 100% Wool American Flag sweater, size L.  Pop for me. I was excited. 
Not the greatest, but pretty cool for $5 and fits me well. I think it is a SC.   
Vintage outdoors guys -- is this anything?  
Red wings sz 13: Gore-tex Bean Boots 6: Paul Smith: A Pockets: Costume National Homme DB 40 -- this thing is sweet:    
Good lunch stop today. Costume National Homme peak lapel suit with surgeons cuffs, Gore Tex Bean Boots, Black Red Wing shoes, couple of nice ties and a goofy, but sellable paul smith shirt. Also a nice cable knit for $1.50. Not sure of the brand, but Made in USA. 
Valentino SC Camelhair, patch pockets. Too big for me.  Are these PRL grey wool trousers corn?
Found these today. Any ideas? Super nice and useful. Made in Italy.   
Lol...moving right along.
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