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   cry me a river bro…… what do you expect… they are RAW!… as in never been used, of course they will stretch, these are not your pre assmebled Sears douche bag jeans
I have a pair of Elephant 2 skinny guys that i just bought…. had a pair of UNiqlo Slim Straight that fit really well in same size… well after a week of breaking them in and some brusing  they are starting to loosen up a little, espessially in the waste
should i get these hemmed … im 5.10, 150 pounds, they are 30 skinny guys elephant 2s praying they will stretch over time  
yeah well the fact that the Stone Sentinel is waterproof makes it a much better coat for practical use...
I own the stone sentiel too.... its amazing, great fit that huge your body and keeps you warm, hood that works and stays on, sleek cut, got it for a good deal too..... much better than mcmrudo   why do u want a canada goose so bad though, i think the stone sent is just as good if not better due to its nice cut and its WATERPROOF!!!! something canada gooses arnt
u bought 200$ non selvedge jeans???? smh wow x100000    
uh..... buy/sell section maybe have categories, think is a complete clusterfuck, also the pictures are annoying, you cant open them in a different tab all at once, so frustrating
that hoody is terrible..... fit looks like something my little sister will wear, you dudes coming off extra soft wearing shit like that smh
Hey, love the forum! you guys are a ton of help   I am looking for a pair of slim wool pants to wear as something other than jeans. I have not had much luck and am thinking my best bet would be the thift store then get them tailored. I found a pair I really like online in the picture below but the site does not carry them.. just the top!!  
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