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the bay carries APC lol
any of those camo shirts?
anyone know how the wool blended trousers fit???? I am a 30 in their selvedge jeans should I get a Small or Medium??? I aint lookin for nut huggers  
looks exactly like that american apparel jacket lol
and why are you washing your n&f in the first place?
they are prob sanforized so they will not really shrink at all...
anyone know the sizing on the fleece and the wool pants? do these run big or small?
I got a quilted lindelle or w/e for 50$ pretty much brand new and a barely used beafourt for 80...... try ebay uk way cheaper, less bidders and most will ship to north america.... oh sizing, my quilted is an XS and fits perfect, my other one is a 36 and fits great to, i am 5.9, 145-150 pounds with a 36 inch chest
^ Im the same size and u cant really wear more than a light layer it runs pretty tight just a heads up!
payment sent for 1 shirt
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