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what do you guys think of this fit? Personally I think it is to big. There is to much extra fabric around the knee and lower thighs to the point where the creases  whisksers and honeycombs wont set in properly. I tried on the 29's tho and they were murder lol, these are 30s in new sizing. the old 30s fit me well in the ub201 model though   Fit pics follow the link!     here are my old ub201 on the left  
wish they would re-release the Elephant 2's.... 
glad i sized down, they are stretching out... this dye is insane, literally falls off I have fades after 2 days
Does anyone know how these chukka's fit? I am a 9.5 in Nikes, 9 in clark desert boots ect. I tried on some Red Wing Boots in store and a 8.5 fit well, but worried these run smaller since they are lighter?  
thanks^ pisses me off lol the 29s are way to tight in the seat ass and rise/ upper tigh although the waists seems ok. Would the UB121 sized up work out better possibly?
do these look to loose or no? I tried to size down one but they are way to small, cant lift my leg passed 50 degrees lol    
both those look stupid fam....
Brand New Size 30 Unbranded UB221 Tapered fit 21oz Denim $80 Shipped These are VANITY Sized aka unbranded's new sizing. They have been hemmed to 32.25 inches. Come with Tags, I can not return because of hem Selling for 80 shipped anywhere in north america, paypal only. Measurements are 32 inch waist, 10.25 front rise, 11.5 upper thigh, 8.2 knee, 7.5 leg opening, 32.25 inseam
hey these are to big arnt they? did not realize unbranded uses vanity sizes now they are ub221!  
these are to big aren't they...... They are already loose in the waist and dont like all the extra fabric on my lower thigh. Cant decide if I should size down one in the ub221 or get the ub121 in the same size!! Good to know they stretch though even at 21oz. If anyone wants them for cheap pm they are brand new (got them hemmed to 32.25 so cant take them back :S)      
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