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 Cheers, @pravda!  Cheers, @Mr Engineer - also kudos to @upr_crust and @in stitches, appreciating your feedback! 
1920s british gangster (think Peaky Blinders)  
Telling by the number of thumbs given, you do seem to have appreciated my postings lately. Thanks, gentlemen.  Also: X-Post from the challenge, doing some 1920s british gangster.         
@TheoProf, i really digged the seersucker suit on you yesterday and in contrast to the previous posters, i do think the padding looks good on you. Wouldn´t change a thing...   Also, @TweedyProf, great kit yesterday - perfect combo of textures and colors!    Here´s my take on the american classic...    
 Thanks, @An Acute Style.  Gotcha, @Pliny  That´s one hell of a thrift, @bienluisapris! Love it. 
Worn over the past couple days and today...          
It´s still only 12 degrees Celsius here in Germany, but i already brought out the linens.       
Some seriously great fits over the past few pages - keep it steadily coming, boys    Some fits from the past couple days...                
Herringbone´s my favourite pattern,so definitely gonna play. 
 They´re beyond awesome - he has a way of sardonically putting humor in his texts. @Roycru, you´re the best or, as Hip Hoppers might phrase it: "You da MVP"   I like it - well done, @blekit ! 
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