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 @An Acute Style, very nice combo. If you haven´t yet, you should enter this weeks´ Friday challenge: wear that Norfolk jacket and you´re winning the damn thing. 
Thnx @Anden, i could have payed a bit more attention to the rules...so it´s either swapping out the pants for something different or using a different tweed jacket...#firstworldproblems
This is fucking boss, @Chulillo - deets, plz!    Also @EFV: can i please request a deadline extension from Saturday night to sunday midday? I am about to receive a beautiful blueish unconstructed, unlined donegal tweed suit with a Norfolk back and inverted pleats patched pockets on Saturday afternoon - probably won´t be able to take pics of it during the rest of the day....   Edit: i would swap the pants to play by the rules :-) Thnx, @Anden 
 Sound advice, will have it applied on thursday - thank you, @eddiegreen!  Cheers, @Chulillo   @chocsosa, you´re not only mastering the art of dressing, but you lifted "roboposing" to a whole new level.   Lovely tie & suit combo, @SYCSYC!  Digging the color combo, @StanleyVanBuren  - but what happened to your pants´ front pocket? 
Great challenge and one i can happily play in. 
Nice tunnel view, @DiplomaticTies.    Bad hair today...   Blue Loden SuSu jacket M&S pocket square Checked tweed SuSu waistcoat Vintage cashmere tie Ralph Lauren Rugby tweed pants Barker boots      
@merick, nice kit - i would have swapped the shoes for brown, though. Maybe a snuff suede or some dark browns...black shoes require a bit more "seriousness" (=no fuzzy coat, no woolen tie) up top, imho. 
 Nice one, @An Acute Style - i would have changed the tie in the first fit, probably some dark brown or a golden hue...  @Coxsackie, this is a lovely fit.   @Chulillo, yes, that´s my saturday "office" - talking about menswear in general, MTM specifically and selling it :-) I´d give it a shot, Cox. Thanks - it is indeed a SuSu. I happen to luckily live next to an outlet, where they put their sample suits on the rack - i got this one for next to nothing some time ago...
Thoughts and prayers are with the French people today...it is odd to just keep posting when you think about last night´s mass murder...i really have mixed feelings about just carrying on with my usual habits...but then again there´s probably nothing i could do about it and self-containment doesn´t bring back the dead. What´s your take on it, gentlemen?  
I hope this qualifies as a dark suit - the colorful item is the tie, in case you should have missed it.       
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