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 It took me a while to get the joke, but then i let out a girlish giggle...gnihihihih...@Sander.   Thanx @upr_crust- i am pretty sure some guys would disagree with that statement ;-)  Whatever it is - the fact that wearing red shoes means you can become pope in here is more important than what name said person will go by.   If it means i can do & say whatever i want and get away with it using the infallability argument, i can cope with being 3rd declension,...
Some play on reds...        
[[SPOILER]] Interesting to see how judgements can differ, @Sander: i thought the first look to be a complete train wreck...  [[SPOILER]]  Awesome look, @DonCologne - really liking the color play here, fit is spot on.  Which album, @Roycru ? I really liked the first one...
 Thnx, @Pliny! Thnx, @Coxsackie - Cox, glad to hear your opinion. What´s it with the socks that you didn´t like? For your second question: yes i do, i just have an extended rotation ;-)  Yes, @Sander, SOSR it is, both of them.   @CJMichaelRay, i was thinking the same - it certainly is bordering on "too long". Have not yet made up my mind entirely - i´ll probably have it shortened by 2 cm...
Some lovely fits over the past pages, guys. Thumbs up!    My crappy pics don´t do these beauties justice...the first fabric is from Solbiati, a lightweight tobacco brown linen.   The second one is from Ariston´s latest summer bunch, it only weighs 210g, which makes it the perfect summer suit imho.         
Back from Lisbon - after enjoying a great week with fine food (thanx @upr_crust and @ourmaninLisbon) and plenty of nice drinks (it was Lisbon´s first cocktail week, with 45 bars serving special variations of fine liquor), sun aplenty and beach time...   Some lifestyle pics - if you´ve never been to Lisbon: go there. It´s a great city...                   And back to what you´re all used to:     
 Thanks so much for the helpful tips, Vic. I will definitely travel to the places you mentioned :-) @ourmaninLisbon  Digging the whole rig, @AlexRamius - nice play on the colours and great fit.   This would probably be better off in the Causal thread - love will probably come in limited quantities in this part of town ;-)
 Thnx @ourmaninLisbon - each to his own. On a side note - you seem to be a Lisbon local, aren´t you? Me and the missus are going to fly to your beautiful city come sunday and will stay there for a week. Any recos / tips what we need to see/do or where to shop? Feedback is much appreciated ;-)  +1  Now that´s one hell of a "first impression" - very nice, @yjung02!  [[SPOILER]]  Nice suit, @bienluienapris !
 Cheers, @pravda!  Cheers, @Mr Engineer - also kudos to @upr_crust and @in stitches, appreciating your feedback! 
1920s british gangster (think Peaky Blinders)  
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