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 You´re absolutely entitled to that opinion, however i do that with all my suits and quite frankly speaking, i don´t care if you like it or not. If that means making the entire outfit crap, so be it.   Same as above and thanks to @Sander for pointing out the obvious.  Today: singe cuff, so no unbuttoned buttons whatsoever.   
 I´d totally copy these looks - lovely ones, @ruvort !  Menswear made me do it.   
@jcmeyer, that´s a great idea for a challenge. I´ll come play! :-D
#3: Some light browns.    
#2: The tobacco linen three piece and a gold knit tie.     
 It was a farewell gift bestowed upon me by a former creative agency i worked with from the client side, @NycLondon:-)  [[SPOILER]] I hear ya, @Coxsackie.   :-D  :-D :-D  Awesome suit, @Thin White Duke.  As requested, here goes the first batch of images from the past days:  #1: The race suit 
Some looks from the past few days - as always, killer material from you guys!!               [[SPOILER]]
 Wonderful look, @Coxsackie  Cheers, @pravda.   @Claghorn, hmm...all four items on their own are lovey, however i don´t feel the combination. In my book, the tie could have been more darker to better set off the coat. Others might surely disagree and i nitpicking, but that´s just how this forum works, right? :-) Today, strolling in a solaro DB...   While it might seem that the coat is a bit too snug, IRL it isn´t. It´s just how the fabric doesn´t drape as grafecully as my...
Been browsing through 40 pages of WAYWRN yesterday - it was a lot of catching up.  If you don´t follow on Instagram, you might have missed some of my kits - so here we go: looks from the past 4 weeks...                        
 It took me a while to get the joke, but then i let out a girlish giggle...gnihihihih...@Sander.   Thanx @upr_crust- i am pretty sure some guys would disagree with that statement ;-)  Whatever it is - the fact that wearing red shoes means you can become pope in here is more important than what name said person will go by.   If it means i can do & say whatever i want and get away with it using the infallability argument, i can cope with being 3rd declension,...
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