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Some nice fits over the last two pages - today´s take: a new sb 3pc tweed suit with wide lapels, completely unstructured, full-canvassed, no shoulder padding, Norfolk back and patched, flapped pockets.       
And there goes D...  
Sorry to hear about your loss, @Cleav - my condolences.    Cross-posting this to this week´s FC in 3...2...1...    
 Great jacket, @An Acute Style, but i think it would have been better w/o the pullover underneath...or at least a different color. Rest is spot on imho.   [[SPOILER]] You should certainly enter this week´s FC, @YRR92 - nice fit! 
Ha - if i can´t win a challenge, i simply propose a new one and still get my will    Thanx for gratiously considering my suggestion, Erik @EFV - will certainly play in this one. 
According to this source, Friday´s "Pins and needles" day - so i suggest to have a contest playing with the very name of it  
W/o any further addo... , Pink club collar mtm shirt by Sons of Savile Row (the haberdashery i work for on Saturdays) Grey Suit Supply wool waistcoat and dark blue striped flannel peak lapel suit Berg & Berg dark green grenadine tie Bresciani green cotton socks No name pink PS No name oxblood loafers    
This contest has by far brought out the best in styleforum´s men. The Swedes led by @EFV and @Manolo have pretty much given the rest the boot in my eyes.    On a side note: thanks to the three lost souls who really thought i could compete with the aforementioned northern giants. 
 Killer suit, @Roy Al!   [[SPOILER]]  Beautiful as ever, Erik! @EFV  [[SPOILER]] Impeccable fit, @Cao Cao - not a thing i´d change here. Ahh....wait...the belt. I´d go without a belt. 
While I think Erik's fit is great, I think Olof killed it this time. My vote is Olof's for sure.
New Posts  All Forums: