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  Think of it this way - even with the tip, I pay less than the price of a single John Lobb/Edward Green/Santoni FAM/Carmina to get my hair taken care of for an entire year (get a haircut every 5-6 weeks).   It's great you pay your barber $2, but I dont live in China.  If this was a random barber, they would not be getting that kind of tip.  This is someone I've gone to for a couple years now, have a relationship with, trust, and as I mentioned above - who knows things...
I pay $45 and tip $20.  She does a very good job, but more importantly she knows things that nobody besides my girlfriend does.  I've only been going to a decent place for about two years though; when I went to a standard "cost cutters" type place I paid $15-17 and tipped $5.
  Ah, didn't see that before I posted.  Curzon is right.  Culture + competition is a winning combination.  
For the first date, do something like the symphony, art museum, etc, if you know anything about them (don't be the idiot who pretends to be an expert).   For the second date, take her high speed go kart racing.
20% is my baseline, but it varies depending on my relationship with the place.   There's this bar I frequent - it has the best damn hamburgers I've ever had, and the upstairs is completely empty (as in, I've never seen a single person eating up there) yet they let me and my friends eat there without bitching about it.  I generally tip 50% - they are climbing two flights of stairs every single time they come to check on us or bring us drinks and NEVER complain, the...
now $130
I am selling an absolutely beautiful Canali sport coat.  I would love to keep it, but the shoulders are 19 inches and thus are a bit too wide on me.  It truly is a beautiful piece of clothing, complete with beautiful pick stitching and other nice touches that typical Canali clothes have.  The color is a green tinged grey; in brighter light, it trends towards green, in darker light, towards grey.  Really nice fabric.   Details:   Supposedly 38S, though I think it...
Kurt, I went through the same thing with Tempurpedic.  I would up going with Latex.  I found it infinitely superior (keep in mind, these things are preferences though).  It does not suffer from warm sleeping, and since I got natural latex it does not have a strong chemical smell.  It offers the softness yet firm support that a good memory foam bed does, but also (critically) has some bounce and operates just like a normal bed for...extracurricular activities....
Might I suggest a Tom Ford wallet?   I went through the same dilemma that you did and settled on a Tom Ford design.  They are more reasonably priced than Hermes and the quality is really top notch.  One year later it literally looks brand new after being thrown in my pocket every single day and not babied at all.
I don't think so, but why not look at the pictures I posted just a few posts up and see for yourself?  
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