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Admins should check the IP's of people in this thread.  I'm sure more than a few accounts are from the same one.
  Oh please, half the members here would have a heart attack if the gorge was .025 inches too high.  I made it clear in my first post that it wasn't that big a a deal.  If you had trouble understanding it, might I suggest to get you started?
It has nothing to do with being a gentlemen, a putz, personality types, etc.  I just was wondering if there was a temporary way to improve the tux - perhaps a hidden way to pin fabric or temporarily hem the pants since I know they won't have anything to fit me (38S, drop 7).  Since it's a rental I assume alterations won't be allowed.
  I wish; I don't even know why I'm in the wedding party.  Haven't seen him in three years.
Well,   For my cousin's wedding they are forcing everyone to wear a Men's Wearhouse tux.  I politely asked if I could wear my own, but they say that want everyone matching.  Frankly, it's not worth creating a big stink out of arguing with them - it's their day, not mine.   Do they have any slim fix tuxes?  Is there a certain cut I should ask for?  Is there anything I can do to make it slightly less awful?  My only experience with a rental tux was years ago in...
  I love purple ties with grey suits and snuff suede shoes/belt.  Preferably double monks, with a light color shirt.  
Just grabbed this on ebay.  Was shocked to find a 38S, drop 7, made in Italy mainline Zegna in a staple color.  And with great horn buttons, no less.       The measurements are bang-on for my size, so I hope the seller measured them right.
Two Tom Ford ties  from that ridiculously good B&S thread here.  I don't know what it is about Tom Ford - I know it can be tacky, gaudy, distasteful, etc, but I fuckin love it.  Most of it, anyway.  And these are staple ties at least, so I don't feel that bad (especially the brown one).       and  
1.  Ralph Lauren custom fit blue and white stripe linen shirt size small - brand new, never worn.  $40 shipped   2.  Ralph Lauren custom fit purple check shirt size small - worn once.  $35 shipped   3.  Ralph Lauren classic fit blue and white stripe shirt - worn several times but in good condition.  $20 shipped   4.  Ralph Lauren classic fit black and white stripe shirt - worn several times but in good condition - $20 shipped   PRICES DROPPED...
Nothing too fancy, but it's starting to come along.  Hard to take pictures of because it's narrow - out of the picture to the right side, there's an identical wall of shelves behind the door (except there's a lot less clothes on the shelves).         In an effort to organize my ties, I just (literally, I'm doing it right now, I'm taking a break to post) began converting these shelves to tie shelves.  Very easy DIY, just cut a board of painted pine to the...
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