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I changed my mind.  OP is trolling all of you, not Treehorn. 
  Getting a full ride scholarship to a well ranked university worked for me.
I have a debilitating independent streak and simply won't be able to work for anyone I don't respect.  With a startup, if I fail it's because I screwed up, but if I succeed, it's because I did a good job (and of course, luck, opportunity, etc, but you know what I mean).  That appeals to me.
I'm in for 30ml.
  No, I have to waste $170 of my own money on the rental.
  Didn't know if there was less people if the price would change.  Take a xanax.
You people are getting trolled so hard....
  Thank god you realized this, because this was exactly my intent in trying to get a tuxedo that fit properly!    Also, the wedding is out of state.  You know what they say about assumptions!   So, to summarize the thread:   1. I state that I will be wearing a Men's Warehouse tuxedo for the wedding and ask for ideas how to improve it, or for a specific fit I should ask for.   2.  People desperately try to convince me to wear the Men's Warehouse tuxedo that I already said...
I'd be in for an aventus split too, depending on price.
Is it just me or he is trying to do the Tom Ford shoulder in a lot of those pics?  
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